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Friday, 15 March 2013

The hand always goes in the backpack

These days are really full, somehow I'm keeping creating without a stop, even if still in a too confused way, many projects are starting and I'm trying to let collaborate my fuckin' inspiration with a kind of method. Despite that, meanwhile, I enjoyed some nights here in Utrecht. And even when I say to myself to just living the surrounding, every time my hand goes to pick up my sketchbook, or my camera.

This first sketch is from a presentation at ACU, the 11th of March. It's a very good project that I'd like to let you check out: Drawing Freedom shows drawings made by the refugee children of Syria and the reaction made by some Dutch artist. In my sketch you can see (or, well, just imagine) the children drawings on the right wall. On the left wall there are the photographs made by these two guys, the journalists that were there. In the photographs, I tried to sketch the women that they met, that are trying to fight, even if it is not allowed to them by the Muslim rules. As you can understand, this hot topic could bring several comments. Well, I appreciated really a lot that the journalists just put their energy to communicate what they saw, without too many opinions about – and with a lot of honesty.
Follow the project, folks, because it should grow and you could have new exhibition and appointment around in Nederland.

These second images are from some nights ago at Cafe Averechts, the hidden special cafe in Utrecht where many musicians and couch surfer often go, creating a very special and warm atmosphere. You can easily find an open podium, there.

(Sorry for the soul theft, man, but I'm sure you have at least a half-dozen bonus souls somewhere…)

I didn't finished this sketch, I started during their last song, so I made it in about three minutes… By the way, hey, everybody wanna know how much time I need to draw a certain stuff (many guys asked for it that night): that's a good reason to write now that the 23th of March I'll be at EKKO, they invited me to draw live all the night long. Come over and see what I'm gonna plan for it!





ribbon. said...

madonna Eta l'omino nel mezzo al secondo sketch sembra liquido!!!!!

Eta said...

Hahah, se lo vedo glielo dico! "Una mia amica dice che sei liquido!" :D