Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pictures from the goodbyes

These portraits come from a nice goodbye gig at Boothill Saloon, that was created to jam the last time in Utrecht with Felipe Iturrieta (here above) before his departure for a long long trip through Asia. If you feel like to follow his strange adventure, he just created Welcome to my Trip, a blog that is supposed to be updated every Tuesday (but don't freak out if he doesn't, it's hard that something unlucky happens to that lazy asshole…). Anyway, watch out: his hope is right to infect you with his travel mania. But, after all, you're already on my blog, that could inspire a bunch of bad bad stuff too!

Sief Giltay and Virgil Smit
Virgil Smit
Peter Sonnega
Peter Sonnega
Felipe Iturrieta
Sief and Felipe again, both not that complete…
Caio, really busy with looking busy
 I add also other pages from my sketchbook that are not from the same event, but from the same period of goodbyes.

Jules, among the most psychedelic people I ever met

After so many pictures of humans, the drawings of Tesoro (what a cute Italian name for a dog!) are probably my favourites. I miss a bit the presence of animals around me. I started to draw when I was child with my Grandma's dog and horse, my muses Lampo and Zivago. Their beauty is still unreachable. This is not time to have a dog, for me. But maybe it will be soon time to enjoy more nature. (Ah, shit, it just sounds like that a travel maniac bit me!)


Anonymous said...

oddio quel cane! bellissimo il disegno, e immagino pure lui!

Eta said...

* Pure lei, era una signorina. ;)
Supremamente bellissima, ovviamente, oui.
Sai che era più grossa di Baloo?
Ho fatto mezz'ora a starci appoggiata mo'di tavolino, accarezzandola tutta. E lei guardava il fuoco tutto il tempo, ipnotizzata. Secondo me il fuoco le raccontava una storia. :)