Thursday, 18 December 2014

EDDA + LinFante ||| (Aspetta non puoi bruciare il pesce di fuoco ci salverà)

Io ti amo aspetta non puoi bruciare il pesce di fuoco ci salverà
I love you wait you can't burn the fire fish will save us


Opening act:

​Le Mura
Via di Porta Labicana 24,

[ ITALIANO più in basso ]

Folks, I can't make it anymore, I can't follow every thing LinFante does, he never stops, makes a bunch of concerts, especially in Rome, receives a bunch of interviews and reviews (and he gathers 'em all on his website (some articles also mention how pretty and refined is the surreal art on the cover of his album Non mi piace niente: yay, thank you!!!, that's meeeeee!, hooray!)), steps on the stage dressed by Angelo Cruciani, being a model for him, he plays on air, cranks out billions of philosophy articles with his beautiful actual name Stefano Scrima, he keeps publishing books and receiving reviews for those too. Just following all his activity (trying) would be a whole job apart, I'll never understand how he makes it in being so productive himself and I, in my small way, quietly gave up to the decision took about seven or eight years ago of making a drawing for every single of his gigs or whatsoever, but certainly I don't give up to the whole thing, this lord is already setting a new release for an EP in the springtime and I'm having fun fantasying on it – in the meanwhile I gloat when, while I work at other drawings, it happens again that thing, I can't do anything, my hands take the power and eat pastels and sheets doing their business while the sacred duende dances all over my guts and makes come out a drawing. Two nights ago, indeed, my hands come out with a couple of non requested illustrations, one will join Felice's vortex, while the other, this one, with this damned and child attitude, I pictured it immediately hugging the Folk Bizarre singer writing atmosphere from our dear LinFante. I sent him the artwork immediately and –timing– he had one of the most sparkling gig just in the coming days, opening for EDDA, so we used it for this event.

Signori, io non ci sto più dietro. Oramai LinFante non se ne sta fermo un secondo, fa un sacco di concerti, soprattutto a Roma, riceve un sacco di interviste e recensioni (e le raduna tutte sul suo sito (alcuni articoli menzionano anche quanto sia carina e raffinata la surreale copertina del suo album Non mi piace niente: yay, sì, grazie!, quella sono io, yeeeee!), va in scena con gli abiti di Angelo Cruciani per il quale posa, va in radio, sforna trilioni di articoli di filosofia col suo bel nome anagrafico Stefano Scrima, continua a pubblicare libri e a ricevere recensioni pure per quelli. Solo seguire tutto quello che fa (provarci) costituirebbe un'attività lavorativa a parte, non capirò mai come riesce a essere così produttivo lui stesso e io, nel mio piccolo, ho serenamente rinunciato alla decisione di sette od otto anni fa per cui avrei fatto un disegno per ogni suo singolo concerto o quant'altro, ma certamente non vi rinuncio in assoluto, già in cantiere il signorino ora ha un altro EP per la primavera e io mi sto dilettando a fantasticarvi – e, intanto, gioisco assai quando, tra un disegno e l'altro, capita quella roba lì per cui non posso dire nè ah nè bah e le mie mani si mangiano fogli e pastelli e si fanno i fattacci loro mentre il sacro duende mi balla nelle viscere e fa uscire un disegno. L'altra notte, per l'appunto, le mie mani se ne sono uscite con un paio di illustrazioni non richieste, una convertirà nel turbinio di Felice, mentre quest'altra, con quest'aria dannata e bambina, l'ho vista subito meglio abbracciarsi con il cantautorato Folk Bizarre del nostro caro LinFantuzzo. Gliel'ho girata al volo e, tempismo, lui a giorni aveva una delle date più luccicose del suo tour, opening per EDDA, per cui l'abbiamo usata per quest'evento.

That's NOT all, as usual.
If you're in Rome and will attend the gig, pay attention to the flying fish: I won't be there, but they will, always.
Questo NON è tutto, come sempre.
E, se siete a Roma e andrete all'evento, fate caso ai pesci volanti: io non ci sarò, ma loro sì, siempre.

Just a regular John

Random sketch.
A regular John is always good for a random sketch.
Charming expression and specific source from: a Jul's photograph.

I adore how one of the most orange people I know has these default dramatic features.

(If morphopsychology turns you on too, well, do not miss iioo project and all the research its creator Andrea Riboni is now carrying. John himself is also very curious to see how he'd look into a iioo portrait. Can't wait!)

PS. The quote was unconscious, I realize it now, afterwards. I don't tell it. I'll send a kiss-thought (eh, i miei vechi bacipensieri…) for who will get it first. I know I can count on at least two of my readers. Go! Guess it!

PPS. I'm getting closer to the magic day when I'll publish my post number 666. This post is kinda special too, it is the number 666, on one hand, but only considering the drafts too. I'll do something for the number 666 between the published ones.
Just to make sure you know that when I'll burn away, even my dust will feel like Rock.
(And also because this kind of things excites my cousin McA.)

Monday, 15 December 2014

[Felice ⊙ Spin-off :::] Our Hair (Olive trees know everything)

I improvised much of my trip in Italy, back this summer, with my street art performance Felice. One of the stops I knew for sure, though, was Fasano, in Apulia, where I had a little mission with my friend Giulia Trincardi: taking photographs of our long hair into an olive trees field. It was our little tribute to our Friendship, which is born so really strongly only after our Bachelor, once we were geographically more and more apart (and therefore not that able to take photographs of our beloved hair together everyday, you know…).

She recently cut hair a lot, like 30 centimeters, and I can't tell how much that's sad to me (did I already shared the article about the power of hair between Native Americans? Anyway, although I don't know if it true, it does sound very credible to me). I want to publish now our photographs as little exorcism and to call her hair to grow long soon and sooner again (as I know they will).

We didn't know who could take our photographs there, nor it was a problem 'cause many people there could; but once I was in Fasano we immediately found in Annalaura Tamburrini our artist. So, almost all the photographs are sweetly taken by her (and her famous eyebrows, do not forget 'em!); the ones you'll see here are edited by me, but perhaps also Giulia or Annalaura will publish their versions too. Originally we just had this idea of our backs with our hair and the trees around, that's it. But enjoying the afternoon many more pictures came out and we enjoyed those too.
Everything happened pretty much playfully and so we kept it.
And, YES: "playful" is so much the right word! How we love it! I have been a very playful but lonely child, I had almost only one friend and despite my love for her, I never felt her on my very same brainwave. Giulia embodies the friend I always wanted when I was a very little child; but I have an enormous belief into the power of imagination and I have a strange perception of time: somehow, picturing me and Giulia as children playing together does make true those memories, in some dimension that's what's happening, an imaginary mini Eta is playing all the time with an imaginary mini Giulia. That's the strength I feel from the depth of our understanding and friendship. This makes me stronger and happier every day: those little Giulia and Eta playing together somewhere all the time remember to myself the importance of what I'm doing in my life. Even having now so many terribly wonderful friends and human deep connections which make me feel like I always knew someone "from a previous life", with her I have this very peculiar sensation: we met in that childhood (that you're allowed to picture like an anime).
It's like that I always waited for her.
And, wow, you know, she exists!
Lucky me!

I hope you too can enjoy the results of our little ritual. ♥

Thank you so much, Giulia and Annalaura, for playing with me that afternoon!

And thanks to the olive trees, of course.

PS. I'm working on a bunch of things. The illustration for Victor Lorandi's novel is almost done and I finally have found what I need to share my tale about my summer. I'm working for the English version of Felice, I ordered the sketchbooks I need to write and draw it all over again (here the Italian original version, soon I hope to make it as e-book) and to my website! And more, more, more!

PPS. If you vaguely liked these my photographs, I think I better make sure you know Rib.'s art. Her amazing photographs terribly influenced me (and this may be an insult for her, considering how much her work is great); it's incredibly obvious to me and I don't even try to deny it. She's a little Italian maid based in London and, for my fortune, she's also my friend, that little adorable stupid thingy.

PPPS. My hair already grown longer from this summer! Yuppie, haha! Or, at least, that's what Natalja said.

Monday, 1 December 2014

I adore when I immerse myself forward into my childhood to warm up my little hands and then I make very unexpected things, CIAO VICTOR CIAO PAOLA ho cinque anni, anzi 3!

Once again, approaching a new work, especially if it is a commission, first my hands decide by themselves to do something totally different, like that first they have to get rid of any previous spot and make sure they are clean and ready to immerse into a new world. At the same time, somehow this way they listen better to what's going on here into my inner seascape, to potentially pick it up as style, technique or mood for the coming work.
This time the new work I'm going to do the front cover for the novel The Grand Tour by Victor Lorandi Iturrieta. This story is part of The Red Universe (not only one book, but a series of stories told within one existence without barriers” – here also on fb).

The automatic spontaneous and pretty uncontrollable stream of drawings I made to warm up my hands happened on the new sketchbook I just bought. I must say that I'm very happy with these pictures and I love how they show, I believe, how healthy I feel. The way I draw is so much my gauge!

Now I just terribly wish that the way my ritual looked sane and unstoppable will be as happy as the actual working session for Victor and that this preparation will somehow turn useful to my illustration for him. But I know it will (and knowing it, finally knowing how my creative process works, is an extremely huge satisfaction and joy).

See you soon with much more: the cover for Victor and a bunch of other things exploding in my hard disk and in my room!



PS. The way I matched the colours here comes from what my body learnt in Iceland the past year. What impressed me the most has definitely been the new way I could see the colours there: the strength of some pastel colous and the elegance they can have next to some acid shades. The greens and the light yellows and the way pink is not a gender symbol but perhaps a psychedelic liquid echo. Oh yes. And how beautiful to find myself buys again with wax pastels?! That's a news of this fall, it was ages I wasn't using them this way. Like seven years ago, during my dinosaur obsession making flyers for Sydrojé (scroll till the bottom here to see)! How fun.

PPS. AAAAND… Happy Birthday, Victor! ;)