Thursday, 24 July 2014


The night of the 3rd of March 2013, I started to write a long private letter.
In a few lines, though, I realized that I wanted to share that with anyone, because what I was trying to tell had to do with the biggest lesson of my life, what I always try to share and what I see people appreciating the most from me as well.
So I kept writing, allowing myself to this spontaneous and naked flow.

As I understood that I wanted to make something out of those words and lines, that night, I immediately realized that it was going to turn into a bigger project: I had those pages, I had a theatrical monologue out of them and I had a series of illustrations around and inside them.

When I started to write I didn't know how long the whole work was gonna take, I only knew that I was stopping when I was reaching the end of the sketchbook.
The process took fourteen months, although in a few weeks I was further enough to say something here about it, sharing the Heidi Harris' song Nine Feathers, which has my voice reading some extracts of this words (and lines and colours and blank spaces).

Since last April, when I finished to write, I mostly worked on the performance for the monologue, which is the current step and the reason why I temporary left my Dutch home in July to come back in Italy for the summer: when I started to write that letter, I was writing in my native language – the language that I had to keep to write that way. Yes, though, I really really want to translate it all in English as well. But not now: now I came back in Italy to go busking around, with my backpack, my sleeping bag (well, actually isn't mine: thank you, Bard), my tent, the Death Tambourine I introduced you some weeks ago and, last but not least, a rainbow xylophone! Plus the letter, of course: Felice. That's the title of the book.
It means:

shoot: Masha Rozhnova

So now what?
Now I'll leave for my trip, reading my love letter about the harmony in the streets and in the squares or wherever I'll feel, pretty much going random or visiting the several Italian cities and villages where I have friends waiting for me.

shoot: Veerle Van Harten
I'll also perform in some associations or so, plus, at the end of August, the Ferrara Buskers Festival (and that's a dream, let me tell you, my memories of that festival as teenager and visitor are really framed in golden tears of magic).
If you perhaps want to try to follow me, I "even" created a space on facebook.

shootMasha Rozhnova
shootMasha Rozhnova
shoot: Masha Rozhnova
shootMasha Rozhnova

If you're curious to have a look into this freaky psychedelic thing, well, you can read it all online.

More will come.


…Now I'm going to enjoy my trip. :)

Monday, 21 July 2014


A poplar asked me to draw one of its leafs at the moment of falling down.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

"I've only had happy thoughts", ***** said.

Travelers come, travelers go and sometimes the travelers I host immediately turns into a magic sisterhood which wants to enjoy the little supreme humble rituals that can happen in a tiny room not far from the canals…