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Friday, 8 March 2013

The Circle

«It's a flower born to die, don't worry if it does soon.   :)   »

Those were the light words that came with a delicate Orange Flower, the past Summer.
It did it, the gentle Orange Flower died soon (but not so soon).
It had been also an unexpected rebirth, during the early Autumn; its tender willpower was moving.
After a while, it took its right Death for good, but I didn't moved it from my shelter.
During those frozen days in which we were ice skating on the canal, the pot shown its new surprising new Oracular Spectacular beauty.

Now it's again on my backyard, drinking the new sunshine. I'm not waiting for another flower, but the Springtime is already back, incredibly hot, in this loved half-nordic land called The Netherlands. And that Orange is the good one.
I have been all the seasons.

If the flowers won't come out to say *hi, I am a flower and I belong to a gorgeous harmony* to the new year, the pot will have a special role, somehow, in Art.

Proost, to who have the consciousness to say simply the simpler          .

Don't stop to keep high your hopes and feel the Circle.
Do you feel it?

(If you don't, start trying to listen to Planet Gong and Daevid Allen.
The World is full of good energies. It is. I'm sure about it. So sure!)

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