Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Let's go, oh my oh my flying expanded consciousness…

Night time.
I come home with three inner whiskeys, inspired by some jam sessions in my loved Utrecht, I crush on my couch, I open the laptop and a chat pops up.


This summer I want to stay 15 days in Iceland, I go around and I create. Do you want to share with me THE TRIP?

Take your time to decide.


People with a common sense would wait to know better what you want to do. Wise people would start to understand better what they want to do. Crazy people would accept immediately.

To which group I shamelessly belong?


Among the three, definitely the fourth!

Right now I'm at the airport of Amsterdam Schipol and the gate just opened.

/////             update:         right now I'm at Reykjavik Keflavik waiting for the Enda's plane.


Eta & the flying fishes which I draw on my skin, doodling like a child

Six Months In A Roll

That joy I wish most of you still knows
of discovering the photographs from a roll you exposed a long ago.

Cees and Natalja


The following pictures are from Copenhagen and the first part was in another roll I already posted
among other tributes to the rhythme.
I can see you

Gianvito and Giulia




The next ones are from Errolan's rehearsal, in February.


Dogs, good music and gezellig.

And Masha.

to the Friendship!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Some intense eye contact

Express ourselves and share is a topic that I deeply care and rock definitely helped my way in understanding that when I was little. Rock came just in time, I was twelve and I was just gonna accurately build a nice and strong wall, when The Wall taught me to have the braveness to stay naked out of our boundary
                                   and share. 

In the years my idea evolved a lot and for a long chapter of my life I was stuck in the firm belief that each human is an island and the idea of the communication is simply impossible. But I never lost the certainty that we have to try anyway, that's our way.

Now I'm twenty-four and I can tell that after many troubles in human relationships, in the end the pacification always came in that moment in which we finally arrived to an honest opening, saying the truth, in even all the eventual fragilities. It happened when we truly communicated.

Now I'm twenty-four and it's more then one year then I even think that actually we are NOT islands and I finally can have an opinion far from reductionism: I clearly felt too strongly my consciousness out of myself (yes, I have to use exactly these words again and I will more and more).

Well, although sometimes my perception tells me precisely about the reality, I guess that I'll never know for sure what's the consciousness and where it is; I have to deal with it and indeed I already told to my own Ulysses to learn also how to enjoy the clouds, the wind, the sunshine and the park over there (and "do nothing", mentioning my dear Masha's motto). Nevertheless, I'll keep also enjoying this cute human attempt to the knowledge.

Meanwhile, I keep communicating

 and I try to do it as best as I can, aware of the special power can stroke us going by art.

The Amanda Fucking Palmer TED talk is something that I'd like to share with anybody has to communicate (which means exactly anyone, yes, unless that you already really know yourself on the good way), above all with artists.

The 7th of July I went to Tivoli, in Utrecht, with my thoughtmate Natalja, for the concert of Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra and I felt desperately thankful to finally be in front of a stage which was a trampoline to the crowd and not a pedestal (yop, she surfed on us too, by the way, and it has been amazing). The people too was finally warm and nice and I finally felt back my dear sensation of being surrounded by my "family", as I wish to can still perceive the honest rockers.
The exchange which Amanda describes in her talk actually happened and The Grand Theft Orchestra is fuckin' cool.

Jherek Bischoff
Natalja, plus one of the flower that Amanda thrown to the people
Chad Raines


A girl almost collapsed during the concert; this is the super fast sketch I made when she passed in the middle of the crowd helped by two friends
Jherek Bischoff

In the end of the concert Amanda was behind the stand of the merchandising, so I had the possibility of talk with her. I said one short thing which in my mind is connected with the previous topic of the consciousness. She… she totally disagreed. Then I just get shy and confused and I babbled something. The day after, although I was travelling, very busy and potentially full of any other kind of personal thoughts, my mind was all the time tuned on her answer, swinging continuously from my idea and hers, trying to understand which is the best one, or if the the way is another third again. Above all, I kept contemplating the doubtless speed with which she contradicted me. It's still fresh in my memory and I observe it, probably learning something from it.

I am sure about one thing: the intensity of her eye contact.

Sunday, 7 July 2013


Little tribute to the place wished so long to express itself beyond its wall

(o come, ha detto qualcuno che ama i giochi di parole psichedelici,
"una spezia di spaccio")

Una Specie di Spazio now closed its physical base and hopefully transmigrate in a new form, out of itself

     as out of itself is the art
            when it's so out of itself 'cause just getting mad;
           and when it reaches its best, going through and further the concept of one.

L'arte fuori di sè (literally "The Art Out Of Itself") is a book by Andrea Balzola and Paolo Rosa which brought me a serious series of stimulations about the current artistic situation, its trouble, its needs and the future we would pursuit. Most of the times I agree with it and I thought I have been lucky to experience and follow Una Specie di Spazio, which played a very important role in my (and not only mine, for sure) artistic formation – as visitor or as artisti, 'till you won't mind anymore about who's who.

Those cute things above, by the way, are its logo, which has been reinterpreted many times in many cool ways, from who run it and by different artists as well.

Buon viaggio, Una Specie di Spazio!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Circle II


Is the sun so selfish, because it will set now?
Is the wind a jerk because it changed?
Would you call the earth an asshole
For turning 'round 'n' round you know,
It never ever stays in just one place. 


In The Twilight

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

«Is it finished?»

 – Is it finished?
 – Perhaps we'll finish it in some years.

This is what I reply to people ask me about the canvas hanged up in my chamber.
Because there is no hurry, there is never hurry.

Those lines and those colours came out during an experiment of collective automatic drawing, which means avoiding the rational attitude and do not plan anything before, following the subconscious.

Trying to walk in balance on the inner line without looking below on the sure rational path is not so easy, especially if one works with someone else and has to ignore the spontaneous desire of predict the someone else's idea. In fact, I'm sure that I didn't respect sufficiently the rules; they, though, have constituted certainly an inspiring territory where to dance.

Me and Felipe Iturrieta started first from a smaller size, painting on a sheet.
Most of the lines that don't form figures are actually automatic enough, probably, but for sure I felt that instead the figures were too conscious, at least I felt myself still to aware.

However, it have been very interesting and funny and also cool as preparation for the canvas, where we likely felt closest to the attitude of automatic drawings.

The canvas is 2 square meters and we didn't paint with big tools or often crossing the whole surface, we used pencils, pastels and average brushes, so our perception was probably like having rows of different sheets, one after the other one, hanged on a wall: most of the time, we were focusing on little spots.

The canvas in the beginning

On the canvas we were already freer and first we made something and then, often, we played to trip in it, telling if we were able to recognise any figure. Sometimes, we added a something to complete our found vision.

And you?
What do you see tripping on our automatic drawings?

.  . . .   …  • ••  •  …   . . .  .

Watching my wall, I still trip in these shapes and lines and colours; thanks to all its parts, I really can go through it as I'm on a railway – and the trip is for sure one my favourite concept and a good reminder of the pleasure and duty of knowledge, which is always a trip. I also like all the emptiness, as a piece of peace for my mind and another lovely reminder for all the route that is waiting for us.

That's what happened during my last birthday and that I adopt as good celebration for what I wish to my life:

 • art;
 • sharing.

Again    : )

Pencil by Felipe Iturrieta and colours by Eta
Ecstatic Coelha Baunilha with Flying Fishes da disegno and Borboleta

Monday, 1 July 2013

Thee, (P.)

I'm really satisfied only of one the pictures that I made of her (indeed perhaps you don't recognise her).
But it's the only one that I didn't scan, 'cause I made it just a bit before.
And now it's not anymore with me, together with this next one…

• Tribute •

During the concert…
… trying to see her face although I was so far from the stage…

Seeker Eyes