Monday, 21 April 2014

( w h i s p e r i n g ) ::: "K'é Turuq"

A long time ago, I met a tremendously inspiring bard, who I was considering, you know, way too talented, compared with me, to ask him any sort of collaboration like, you know, maybe an animation, having me as drawer and him as musician.
(What a dreamlike match!!!)

Another long time ago again, but then less long, this tremendously inspiring bard told me that, well, he was considering me way too talented, compared with him… but that, well, maybe, perhaps, you know… well, he told me he was thinking about doing something together – like, you know, maybe an animation, having me as drawer and him as musician.
(What a dreamlike match!!!)

So that's how, since those days on, I and Sir Felipe Iturrieta started our own very peculiar way for this short movie.
There are many reasons which are making so long our creative process and many are simply practical, like jobs, travels and projects, but there are two different ones, which are totally worthing this unexpected slow rhythm.
The first one is that our screenplay did need a serious deep cultural research and elaboration, indeed I may already picture how new discoveries will influence again the backgrounds and the whole design, which are still in progress.
The second reason is completely about the inspiration and the method. It happened that we were coming back to our subject, to our screenplay, to our character designs, sometimes after long pauses, and since we both don't have good memories at all, often we have been literally blow-minded by our own ideas (yes!), which we kept forgetting every time! This may look just freakish and absolutely nonfunctional, but, after the months were passing by and I was partly sad of not working continuously on this, we found out and had to admit that this weird way was creating, every time, a new blank space in which trip in and freely fantasise. Some of our favourite ideas actually came from those dynamics – and those dynamics have been (and will be) funny and wonderful in a way that, once again, makes already the process itself extremely interesting and magic.

We are now at the storyboard step (and keeping our eyes open for potential collaborators or co-production). The following drawings are mine, but we arrived together at them, sketching a lot and sharpening the concepts in our psychedelic dance.

…Mermaids & pirates, I'm very pleased to introduce to you the first glimpses from our animated short movie, K'é Turuq.


Study for the tarot card of the Justice (as vision); we represented like the Libra,
which is its correspondant card among the Italian deck of the Minchiate.
Another study of the Justice card.

Love & light & much inspiration,


Saturday, 5 April 2014

I Cricchimiddi

It's April, folks, the Sicilian theatrical company Cricchimiddi is getting ready for their next play, Il medico dei pazzi, and in a few days I'll be back there as well, in Messina, and I will have again some great fun taking photographs in their crazy crazy crazy'n'cozy backstage, in the theatre Annibale di Francia.

The Cricchimiddi were born originally in 1990, when some employees from the Italian bank Banco di Sicilia gathered to tribute their love for their island, the Sicily, trying to tell its complicated reality, its past, its present, using the wonderful world of the dialectal comedies.

They prepare one play per year and every time their shows are sold out––which is something very positive because they donate all they gain.

These photographs are from "Miseria e nobiltà", their previous play, in 2013.

It was my first time with them and their total passion and playfulness completely conquered my heart.

Discovering how much they're talented, and warm, and enthusiastic, and motivated, and innerly shining, discovering how beautiful these people are has been a multiple joy, for multiple reasons…

…One of these reasons is definitely the one which pulled me there: one of the actors, Filippo Aldo Liparoti, who has just my lastname, is, guesss, yesss, he's right my daddy, yay!

Always living in different and far places, I don't know very well the daily surrounding of my father, so that's also why I loved so much to get more into one of his main passions and finding such a precious world––such a "home", since that's the feeling I immediately got, entering the backstage and smiling and laughing with everyone.

Arrivo, Cricchimiddi!