Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Death Tambourine

Il tamburello della morte

This tambourine is going to roll down in the streets with me, this summer, in Italy.
That's the project I'm working on.

Si chiama Felice, e qualche volta su queste pagine è già passato.
Briciola per briciola, assaggerete di più.

I was originally looking for a gong, but the basic idea was a golden disc. On the way for a place which, in the end, didn't have anything similar, I found this tambourine in a shop with egyptian and african handicraft. It immediately called my attention while I was cycling. Afterwards, at home, I painted my symbol on it.

I think that this Object is going to become one of my long life companions.

Friday, 16 May 2014

FOR THE COLOUR RED (a post feeling 4 years old)

many things going on STOP
love for the colour red keeps growing  STOP
i got a song for this STOP
the past summer i made a lovely naive ugly sketch for this STOP
working or rituals now STOP
you'll see more soon STOP
i don't know why i'm pretending to read a telegraph, since I have no idea about how to STOP

but i know i'm 4 and in my world i'm running on a meadow with a-Karin-Dreijer-Andersson-4-years-old too.


PS. Eta bought a xylophone with the colour of the rainbow. Eta is tremendously happy. Eta is going to paint your face.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

LinFante raschia

Con la pubblicazione di Non mi piace niente, LinFante sta raschiando le sue corde in giro per l'Italia in tanti posticini, tra i quali diversi sono a Roma, dove rischiate davvero di incontrarlo, LinFante, perché la città eterna è diventato il suo ultimo indirizzo, dopo una valanga di spostamenti tra Francia, Spagna e Italia. Per la serata del 10 maggio al Black Market, le care vecchie Officine (che siamo io e la mia squadra di pastelli, pesci volanti e altre robe del genere tanto carine) abbiamo recuperato una locandinuccia extra scarabocchiando le scritte a mano.

The illustration for this poster is a phase of the picture from the back of LinFante's album Non mi piace niente. While I was painting it, I decided to scan it in progress because I had the feeling I wanted to use it in such a variation, afterwords.

>>> Or on YouTube

Thursday, 1 May 2014

☉R G A S M

This is a peculiar very-private abstract painting I've been asked to do.
It is very-very-private, but I got the permission to show some glimpses of it.


Doing it, I realised how much I could enjoy an "easy" life in which I just drool in ecstasy all the time contemplating colours and only making abstract painting. It was a very long time I wasn't working on abstract works, it's a genre which I deeply investigated only when I was about four: it was serious shit, but I didn't have a blog yet, so maybe one day I should scan all that sacred freedom and fun with my first brushes.
Anyway, I'm not going to turn into a full time abstract painter, so I've been pretty happy to remember one more time how it feels.

(If you are wondering about why an abstract should be so very-very-private, well, keep wondering…)