Wednesday, 18 November 2015

}: Stranger ::: «I'm a Stranger. I'm part of you. And I love you».

«I'm a Stranger.
I'm part of you.
And I love you».


I will perform Stranger at SLANT VOL. II //W/ HYENAZ, at Auróra, in Budapest, this Thursday, the 19th of November. It will be the first time, the first of many, hopefully, and it will be still in a very work in progress phase. Yet all its core will be there.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

}: Stranger ::: The leaves around the house at the foot of the hills

I got a nest at the foot of the hills.

The Magyar Autumn is astonishing and is giving away seas of beautiful leaves.
I'm collecting them and somehow I'll fly with them.

I am a Stranger.

My new performance is in progress, I don't know at which stage it will be on next Thursday, but for the first time it will come out. In Budapest, at Auróra, for SLANT VOL. II.  Which is gonna be an awesome night. I could have some glimpse of what other artists will bring and I'm very excited about that.
SLANT is a celebration of creativity, a platform for local, independent artists to share their work, a space for community-building, and an opportunity to connect with other artists' whose work we admire. It's a dance party, an exhibition, a place for performances. We welcome work-in-progress, experiments, failures, leaps into the unknown.

Poster by Teektura

Also: I opened a Facebook page: Eta ⊙ Eleonora Liparoti.