Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The cat and the bunny /// A neon note for a beastly drawn love-jingle

(To use this kind of effect makes me feel like drawing with my teeth on the psychedelic glasses of a gothic cathedral. I must do it.)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Cremonapalloza Rock Fest 2012! (Aka: My Date with Immorality)

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very honoured to publish the new poster for the 8th Cremonapalloza Rock Fest, the last event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Cremonapalloza!

If you want to check out the bands, voilà: Smokey Fingers and Eddy'S.

When I tell about it also out of Italy, the reaction is always positively surprised because, in way or another, Cremonapalloza teachs that a little place as my hometown is boring just if you set your brain on "boredom" and don't try to create. Insted, they do and they rock. Since 2002!

This is the 4th edition with a poster made by him and me. He thinks the concept and then he creates his graphic design on my illustration.
His request was again a triumph of fun for me, 'cause he wanted a southern-rock pin-up with those classic accessories, very p    o, he said! (I'm not gonna write that obvious word or my mail box will become a spam-party…, but it's right that obvious word!)
Anyway… maybe… after some sketches and my own final version… the result was even toooo much extreme… So the official version is pretty different. But for who has not good sense like me, there's still the option to spy the old steps here on my blog.

Nel 1989 si sono scordati di distribuire la cognizione.

McA (svariati anni fa, quando eravamo già cugini)

Monday, 29 October 2012

Club 3voor12/Utrecht Oktober

Mevrouw Tamara
Thursday night I did my second reportage for 3voor12/Utrecht, this time for the monthly date organised right by 3voor12 at dB's. You can read here the article written by Karlijn Hoftijzer and browse my pictures; I publish here some from that selection and also something extra.
The artists on stage were Kodiaks, the singerwriter The Subhuman, Mevrouw Tamara with her band and in the end Heart Attack Alley… That, by the way, are great relative of another musician that I saw again in dB's, do you remember Bob Log III?, same record label and basically the same fuckin' attitude that I adore, baby! Indeed it meant no hopes for my broken wallet, 'cause their cool vinyl is now in my lovely home, damn!

Kodiaks and The Subhuman
The Subhuman
Mevrouw Tamara
Mevrouw Tamara and Heart Attack Alley
Heart Attack Alley
Heart Attack Alley
Heart Attack Alley
Heart Attack Alley
Heart Attack Alley
public during Heart Attack Alley
Heart Attack Alley
Heart Attack Alley
Heart Attack Alley
Heart Attack Alley

Damn, how much it's cool the harmonica. Damn.


Anyway, I would say something to Blogspot team: taking photographs in the darkness is already pretty hard enough, so, please, can you find a way to don't eat pixels from our pictures?! Thank you very much from my heart. I'm sure that another blogger, my friend Rib., deeply agrees.
Pssst: Tumbrl doesn't treat us in this way!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The girl with the camera and the girl with the carnet – again and again

photograph by Rib
After a long great day in Amsterdam, on the train finally came my moment to take some sketch of my lovely Rib; it's a kind of tradition for us (since our first meeting, two years ago).
In comparison with others portraits that I made of her, here she's not so recognizable, but I don't dislike my final entanglement of lines.

Her little body with a plait in a studded jacket was a strange gorgeous combination, like an old elegant woman dressed like a punk. Elegance inside, that's the thing. And a lot of silliness as well, but you can not catch it from the pictures!  (But maybe you can try to figure out two stupid girls dancing and screaming THIS SONG between the lights of Amsterdam… In loop all the day, folks, all the fuckin' day! SHAKE IT ALL THE TIME!)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Visual report of the CD-release show by Tenement Kids at Ekko

Saturday 6th October I went at EKKO, a very cool place in the center of Utrecht, for my first reportage with 3voor12: I made photographs and (as I'm used to do) sketched portraits of the event for the article written by Erwin van der Laan, Tenement Kids: kinderlijk eenvoudig overtuigend in EKKO.

On my blog you can see also some extra pictures of my whole night, but for the complete official set go to 3voor12.

The bands on stage were Deacon with their farewell show, Paceshifters and, obviously, Tenement Kids with their new album. The drummer of Deacon is the same of Tenement Kids, this created an interesting connection in the atmosphere of the gig.




Paceshifters (left) and Tenement Kids (right)

Tenement Kids

Tenement Kids

Tenement Kids

Sketching and drinking after the concert…

Public at Ekko

I'm looking forward my next visual reportage. I'm very glad to collaborate with 3voor12/Utrecht, it's a creative way to discover better the art of this lovely town.

Tot ziens!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Caio and Kelly

This summer I did two portraits for a couple of dear and beautiful friends, Caio and Kelly.

In the first drawing I fear that I lost the amazing shine of that sunny afternoon in the park, I definetely prefer the second illustration made in the bedroom (drinking great red wine and listening to good music).

But my hungry hand is still unsatisfied 'cause I not really shown their colors, what a interesting match of faces and nuances! Who knows, maybe one day, somewhere else again, we will have another occasion…

Friday, 5 October 2012

Jente Seria is back! /// Sex 'n' Confusion


This post deeply belongs to my old proud silliness
and to an idiot tradition with my close friend Gianvito.
Please, don't consider it part of my artworks:
consider it part of my honest stupid heart!


Bene, se state ancora leggendo probabilmente siete tra quei pochi cari disgraziati aficionados che già conoscono il passato di Jente Seria. Ebbene, finalmente l'abbiamo fatto di nuovo!

Ecco a voi il nostro nuovo air album disperatamente disco punk, burroscosamente partorito di getto, rielaborando i tempi bui in cui John si guadagnava promiscui piaceri con promiscui doveri e io scoprivo un diverso lato di me. Un capitolo intermediario nella nostra lunga carriera: è nell'aria la preparazione di un nuovo progetto e i nostri fan più stretti sono già in visibilio.

PS. Rileggendo il post noto che ho scritto "burroscosamente" al posto di "burrascosamente". Va bene lo stesso, il burro è sufficientemente ambiguo. Ora fantasticate pure su Gianvito. (Auguri, eh, John.)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Orphan Chapter

The great season of the idea's triumph is came back. Each step on the stairs of the railway station generates new tales. But I'm trying to focusing on some projects, so I must send far away the other attractive ideas. This is one of them. No novel for this story. Only this picture, like a memory of what didn't happen (in a way – 'cause in the other way it always happens).