Monday, 13 April 2015

These photographs I made when I was 11.

I finally got again some photographs from my late 90s and early 00s; among all those albums, I bumped into one of my first film rolls used with some "inspired" attitude; I thought I had a good mental overview of my old photographs and it is actually true enough, but my point of view on those photographs changed pretty much, as much as my perception changed.
I now vaguely remember me asking my little and gorgeous cousin Mary to wear that beautiful dress the day after, coming at our Grandma. I was very lucky, she was totally up to play with me and the compact camera my mom had. It was, I remember, also the way I was trying to keep playing with my younger cousin although I was growing and loosing interest in the holy holy holy games we had always done till a bit before.
I must admit, I'm in love with these pictures. I find them quit hilarious because of how weird and decadent somehow they are despite the age we had, I laugh thinking of our fun, but I also actually like them; Mary's delicate, romantic and perfect beauty always blows my mind.
Scanning cheap prints, I couldn't get accurate digital versions, but this randomly helped in making these portraits so strange. I only raised the black a bit. And… well, turned the last picture, with me and Mary together, in black and white. I had to!!!

Ok. Enjoy how a 11-years-old kid was playing with her cousin at the age of 7!

In case some are wondering: I was liking the old school Addams Family very much, but it wasn't an actual reference: I had no time to watch it. As you see, I was a kid busy with improving my surrealist approach to life.