Sunday, 29 July 2012

Ho ricevuto una schiena

La nostra fida nana Rib. ha vissuto un'esperienza teatrale sopra le righe e, per la nostra gioia, ne ha portato a casa alcune preziose fotografie. Tra queste, una schiena, ben sapendo quanto mi avrebbe folgorato. Non ho potuto fare a meno di riprodurla di getto (con un po' d'impietoso sguardo deformante, come mio solito) e di tributare a lei questo pezzo di carne che grida.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Birds. Birds. Birds.

I'm very fascineted by all the different shapes of the birds and of the nature. But I'm fucking afraid of the vulture in the middle: I've found him in a scary surreal lucid dream.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


My first home will for ever be the one of my childhood. Maybe it's better say it in Italian: Casa. But, at the same time, I know that there are many homes for us all, hidden in the world, and you only have to start your discovery.
Moving to Nederland, I had prepared myself to adapt in every acceptable corner. Instead I was infinitely lucky: I've found a place that feels like home more than what I can imagine ― and, above all, something feels like home in the creatures that live here too.
These creatures are three: Itchy and Eek are the furry ones, Natalja is the one that cures the guitar.

Did you want to know why Natalja was blowing bubbles? *

Welcome Outside!

 * Natalja was blowing bubbles for our little shortmovie to partecipate to D.E. S.I.C.A., a fuckin' cool video contest organized by Cremonapalloza, in which you had to create a story in only 24 hours. Here you can watch all the videos of this last edition (do it!). In the end we were out of the competition 'cause we were a bit in delay. Our shortmovie was really simple and perhaps too much conceptual, but it was however a magic experience for us and we are however happy of our little treasure. The title is the same of the theme of the competition: Spazi comunicanti.

PS. Grazie fatina! :3

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sketched report of a Flying Carpet

Monique Veenswijk

A couple of months ago I've published here my illustrated poster for the last Flying Carpet of  this season, with Via Maria as hosted main band. That night my carnet was with me at ACU, obviously, and I've seen a remarkable amount of musicians on the stage: a nice challenge to test my fast and leave a souvenir of the concert and of the jam session.
… Well, finally here almost all the souvenirs!

Via Maria
Via Maria
Via Maria
Via Maria
Anne and a musician
Monique Veenswijk
(Ryan on the right)
Michele (anche se il soggetto rinnega)
Monique Veenswijk
… and Masha.

See you at the new season of Flying Carpet, folks!

P.S. I've forgot another sketch (with digital color add in PS), drawed during another Flying Carpet (April 3). On the stage a gorgeous band: Hexxekette.


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Mon petit infini atelier: the Good Emptiness

I've never thought that the Emptiness could be so Good.