Friday, 21 November 2014


…And here's the poster with the winner panther, based on a tattoo of the singer writer Cara, who'll perform at this edition of the Rock Fest. Concept and graphic design are by McA, as usual for our collaborations.
So glad once again to draw for him.
 Cremonapalloza Alternative Fansite

★ ROCK ★ FEST ★ 2014 ★


▓▓▓ Cara ▓▓▓
▓▓▓ Alley ▓▓▓

ore 22:00 • LUOGOCOMUNE
Centro Sociale Culturale Arci
Via Speciano, 4 • Cremona
ingresso con tessera Arci 2014

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

These two panthers didn't make it

The one who made it will be in my next post, with the flyer for the 10th Cremonapalloza Rock Fest.
These following two have been some of my sketches.
All was based on another drawing I had to use as reference. The first drawing is closer, while the second is more influenced by an actual photograph of a panther, which I needed to use anyway to better understand the panther's face before elaborating it.

I can't wait to see the final poster, with the graphic designed by McA, as in our traditional collaboration for the Rock Fest. It will arrive probably tomorrow!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Dreamlike and Lucid Cold Cold Dialogues

Instrumental Romance; Dreamlike (The Chiloe Cold Cold Dialogue)

Instrumental Romance; Lucid (The Ancud Cold Cold Dialogue)

Have you ever run on the snow, really fast?

The grey-blue-lilac on the left in second picture is the "Cremonapalloza blue", and that's why that beautiful colour now dropped on my palette: these illustrations started just to warm up my hands for the next poster for the Cremonapalloza Rock Fest (coming very soon!).
(I'll heal by that drawing the diabetes I may being causing with this post. It's gonna be a Very Violent Roaring Panther! ROAAAAR!!! (Does that sound roaring enough?))

Sunday, 16 November 2014

My letters on "Püe"'s skin

One of my greatest distraction taking notes at the High School was my own handwriting: I was definitely taking notes, and rather well, but my mind wasn't totally there, somehow I was studying my own font, all the time.
Once, at the Art Academy, my classmate Lorenzo asked for my notes from Aesthetics Philosophy (there I was always fuckin' focused, instead – our teacher was a way too brilliant mind) and he returned me my book telling me he couldn't concentrate because he was getting lost into the lines and curves of my handwriting (sorry, Lorenzo, haha).
Well, my dear friend Giulia "Püe" has been on the table next to me during the last three years of the High School, right when I was gradually feeling more and more incompatible from the "school system" and more and more into my own life and interests – therefore, also when I was so much more into that daily passion of drawing by words.
However, while now, once again, I have some bookmarks on my browser to finally do my own font (I'll make it, it will take a while, but I really want it!), hereby I'm glad to share a couple of related tattoos of Giulia: she wanted words on her skin and she couldn't avoid to think of me, which is a very sweet gift for me as well. We've always been very different, one the opposite of the other, really, we've been very often surprised by how, exactly, we anyway ended up feeling so closed. But we do and we love it. And we love how we are still so affectionate despite the long time passing by between every time we can meet (consider also she wasn't on the Internet for many years).
Also, she's who started to call me "Maleta", that in Italian sounds like "bad Eta" and that, by chance, in Spanish also means "luggage".
We know each other since the kindergarten, but at the time she was… errr… she was pretty much a fuckin' little bully, heheh, and I was the perfect target for her and another kid. After just one month of kindergarten, I decided that the other kids were…less interesting that my Grandma's home, where I could stay while my mother was working, playing with the wonderful dog La Cucciola Monella (it means "The Rascal Puppy", article included, thanks), climbing the apricot tree, watching cartoons, sometimes at lunch with my beloved cousin Carmine too, browsing art history books (yep, my Grandma has a plenty of them and that was my sacred joy), drawing all the time (what else?) and, of course, saving the world with my invisible friends (please, note: by saying they were invisible, I'm not saying they didn't exist: I'm just saying you, everyone else, couldn't see them – yes, guys, I still think of you; by the way, may you tell Invy that I'm still really sorry for breaking apart when we were 8? Did he make it in making up a new life? He never updated me anymore about his life, tell him I wish him the best and I trust he could enjoyed these years and all the future ones…). Ooeps, what I was saying? Ah, yeah, Giulia and the kindergarten. Well, we had our very first moment of connection (the "click") when we were 13 and we realized that we were gonna be in the same class at the artistic High School, indeed. We were very different, but physically also relatively easy to confuse: for Carnival, when we were 18, we dressed up like I was her and she was me, counting on the same height and the same hair length. A lot of people actually got in the trap and thought, at first eyesight! It was so fun!
Ok, alright, I'm blabbering, pardon, the point of the post was to show the pictures!

This is her last tattoo, just done yesterday, as tribute to her little nephew Anna:

That's a little portrait I made of her when we met on September 2013:

And that's the tattoo she made out of some music lyrics, the past year:

Much love to you, Giulia, my lovely first bully! :D

(No, she's not bullying me anymore.


(How may anyone make fun of me?! Right? I'm not that type.))