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Friday, 2 October 2015

Stefano Scrima On Miguel de Unamuno and The Immortality

After Esistere forte, Non voglio morire ("I don't want to die") is the new book by Stefano Scrima. It's about the philosopher Miguel de Unamuno (29 September 1864, Bilbao – 31 December 1936, Salamanca) and the immortality. Once again, I had the pleasure of collaborating for the cover, for which Stefano asked me a portrait of de Unamuno.

Graphic design by Stefano Savella

 * * *


A lui e alla sua passione per la vita, l'arte e la filosofia è dedicata questa monografia in libreria ad Ottobre per Diogene Multimedia, esito delle passeggiate madrilene tra i libri della Cuesta de Moyano, le chiaccherate all'Ateneo, le visite al Diavolo al Parque del Retiro, le incursioni universitarie, le riflessioni salmantine e la carne argentina trangugiata come rimedio al male di vivere in compagnia del messer Michele Botto, nobiluomo in visita dal Medioevo.
Ad impreziosirla i contributi di Luís María Cifuentes, uomo leggendario, e Pietro Piro, fine scrutatore di anime.
Stefano Scrima

Thursday, 3 September 2015

One of my Flowerasms as WeTransfer Editorial! ✌

Many of you surely often open a tab on WeTransfer, start to upload or download a file and perhaps stay some time looking at the background, whether is a pure advertisement or an artwork, simply because it's beautiful. On an Internet mostly full of annoying banners everywhere and video advertisements blocking the movie that you were gonna watch (till you downloaded AdBlock), to me WeTransfer immediately came to attention for its very different approach – a bit zen, as they say. Their service is about file transferring, full stop, so they realized that they need just a little window to fill up a very few fields, and then all the rest of the screen could be up to anything else. And instead of organizing a complicated layout, they decided to hold a certain style. We need just that little portion of pixels on the left, why don't we use the rest for something beautiful? So, very often, on rotation on their background, one can find a selection of artworks.
Frequently I clicked on the wallpapers, visiting the websites of the related artists. I started to wonder about how these freelancers were there, since usually such a space is very expansive and have prices proportioned to a big company income, and finally I surfed more on their info section, from their About till the pages linked on its bottom. And I got very impressed. As much as I have a general and extreme repulsion to the world of advertisements, as much I appreciated the peculiar way they treat it. I sent an email to them and after a few weeks I received a very gentle email on which they explained to me that, apart of the commercial wallpapers, they decided to support creative content, and they invited me to send my proposals. The only thing they asked back was to mention them on my social networks. What I'm doing here, writing so widely, is perhaps even a little further, but my ears had such an overdose from the disrespectful, unkind and loud commercials that we have to get through exactly like any dystopia would command, that I can't believe that finally some companies are adopting kinder ways –– and, at the same time, are even supporting art, for free!
So, Thank you WeTransfer! And, dear fellow artists, consider contacting them too!

Here is the WeTransfer Editorial Wallpaper with my work. Much joy for it!


The work they selected from me is a very particular one.

As the title says, that's the other side of the 4th gate for the hug full of eternal blue.
So there is another side of this. But it will stay unseen.
And that gate, that gate had a door, but the door went to The Door, who's the other force of the hug full of eternal blue. He Who Travels Far.
A piece of this paper, which is The Door, traveled to reach the traveler.
So this painting is divided in two parts, both unseen, separated and creating a field of magic which runs from the gate till the traveling door; only a third, extra part, which is only the other side of them, is shared, here, and that's what I would love to tell you
of a hug full of eternal blue.

This is the Flowerasm № 7.

The whole Flowerasms series is on my website.

Good luck finding doors, gates
and recalling the way back, too.

Light, Love and Laughter,

Friday, 28 August 2015

And the fish flies ♓ I got a website

I want to be the best I can be to render myself useful for existence. 

The fish flies, I have a website:

There's a page with my portfolio. There's my About. There's also a shop page, it's still to be filled, but the intention is all there. There's a section all dedicated to my project Felice, for the book, the performance, the paintings and illustrations, and more (it will keep growing, there's much that not here nor on the Facebook page I have posted yet).
I'm so much in love with my website!

I made it with and installing an Organic Theme, which turned out as a very smooth choice; I like their style and I appreciated their kind helpfulness on the forum. If you're thinking about building your website and you're up to spend some money on a theme, personally my thumb is up for them.

The .gif above was done with the rotoscope technique, which always gives me a terrible pleasure of freedom. (And since .gif are finally getting more supported by websites and are fun, well, consider sharing my messy banner, if you like it. Smuack!)

Much more freedom is also what I'll feel now for my blog, because in the last years I was treating it a bit too much like a portfolio instead of enjoying it more spontaneously as a narrative tool. Now that I got a more proper platform to organize my art, I will finally get back to the lighter stream that this place was till some years ago. It will be a little more like a journal, let's say. Probably I will also use it to express more explicitly some opinions non strictly related to my projects or to art, but most of all, I will be probably posting more sketches, work in progress, divertissement and any kind of small thing.
Basically, my website is now the showcase –– genuinely mine, but all well dusted and organized. And this blog, instead, is my home, folks, and in my home I do not remove the spider webs

…Speaking of which, and speaking of spontaneity and little, little things, there is a video I've been almost hiding for months, here to you, out of the blue. Please, steal six minutes of silence from your daily roar, if you want to join my trance.


Now, as thanking is one of my favourite activity, some of the big thanks for my website (trying not to thank each bee and leaf, so that perhaps I won't loose ALL my readers, nor my night…).

Thanks to all my dear freaks who I bothered while I was struggling to find the perfect url. (Including that critique that I skipped.)

Thanks to Natalja Mara Heybroek, who brilliantly helped my Statement for the About page.
That manifesto makes me feel terribly good and her gentle and wise touch was mind blowing.

And thanks to Rib., who deserved a thanking page only for that; what she did is too much to explain. Even after several months, I didn't make it yet to let her understand.
She's a tiny, tender mystery.


(   …Oh, ohhh man, it feels so good to be back here!

I hope you enjoyed the spiderwebs and that you don't mind the dust.

Welcome in my haven.
Relax, and laugh.  (:   )

Thursday, 27 August 2015


My dear, dear readers,

I deeply apologize for the long wait you had to get through, during all these months.

I know your lives depends on my blog and that, after my last announcement for this post, you couldn't breathe one moment without thinking about my next move. I didn't mean to be mean, nor to torture you, although torture and many other creepy things belong to the theme –– which is, ladies and gentleman, as some of you remember, our beloved Satan.

That's, indeed, my post number 666.
It is.

I had to celebrate this –– properly. I'm sure you can understand that.
I had to do some more than merely celebrate, actually.
I had to follow my call to discover the Truth.
What I always knew but couldn't tell without proofs.
So that's what I've done: I went looking for proofs.
That's what a serious lady does, you know? And I am that. I'm a serious lady, I mean.
So I went desperately looking for proofs. For the traces of my own destiny.
And it couldn't be any harder (but don't ask me why, 'cause that's just too painful to tell).

I don't really know where to start, however, meanwhile, let's highlight that this my post number 666 came together with another post number 666 from myself: I arrived at the post number 665 also on the forum on Cremonapalloza, which is a website and association dedicated to any interesting activity happening in my little hometown, Cremona. Hence, both there and here I had to make something big and deep for this uniquely-double occasion. I'm active on that forum since my teenage, even before starting this blog (almost seven years old) and I love to mess up with the folks on there. Leaving my hometown never meant to stop to write on that forum –– possibly, meant the opposite. Anyway, the person who drawn me there was a particularly active user that…
Ok, well, I really get broken in pieces trying to explain this story, but try to follow me.
There is probably a big connection, in all this chaos, that I need to show you.

The person who drawn me into this forum is called, is popularly called… "McA". That's his name, not his official name, you know, that's just his nickname, his friends call him this way, other people call him this way. However, McA. I call him otherwise most of the times, 'cause I know him from way before the birth of this name or anything like that. Because McA is my cousin. He's my cousin. But here, for God's sake, here I'll keep to call him McA. I have no idea why they call him this way, by the way, he doesn't want to tell me. I feel very bad about that, because it's like he doesn't care a fuck about me, but ok. You know, I'm the little younger cousin, why shall he share his secrets with me? Why?
I can handle that.
But ok, let's keep explaining the big thing to you.
You still remember that this post is to talk about Satan, right?
(In these months once I happened to explain what I can eat as "soft vegan" saying that I eat "satan" instead of "seitan", by the way. That was a mistake, by the way, or rather a Freudian lapsus, or whatever you like to call it. What a coincidence, you know?)
However, Satan, right? Satan. And now I'm talking about my cousin.
So I shall say: Satan, my cousin, and the Rock'n'roll.
My cousin, McA, this guy, this guy is the very guy who introduced me to Rock'n'roll when I was a kid, and by doing that he determined my whole life. It determined most of the people I fell for and all my crazy life choices and so on, you know? Rock'n'roll. I still think it's a great thing, maybe some of you think otherwise, I don't know, but for me it is a big thing. It's Rock'n'roll, you know?
However, my cousin, Satan, and the Rock'n'roll, my post 666 here and on "his" forum of Cremonapalloza, all coming together and then, and then you know, and then you know I had to check out my suspect for good. I had to.
So I did and I started this research that I'm struggling to explain since the beginning of this post, my god.
 If you think that Indiana Jones' adventures were something, well, make up your mind again, please, his adventures were nothing compared to what I went through personally in these months –– to check out the truth.
I traveled in Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, and now I'm heading Hungary, just to discover this.

Only to discover this.

I didn't know how, but I followed my instinct.

Till that moment

that very moment

in which I finally saw it

I found the proof:

My cousin McA is Satan.

My cousin McA as Satan.

Ok, folks, Eta is back on her blog.
Thanks for reading till here and thanks for reading itself, since the hype for long-blogging is a bit old-fashioned, I guess.
I'll be posting again with my regular non regularity but much more frequently than these last four months. I have a freakin' huge spicy lot to share!
Anyway, really: it's almost seven years that I run and love this blog and that's for real my post number 666: w-o-a-h. And my cousin McA is for real the dude who introduced me to rock'n'roll, which changed my life for real, and he's surely my main reader –– maybe mostly 'cause he has some psychological disorders that command him to do certain things with a maniac approach, still I know that there's some lovely-inaffectivity sweetly mixed with some truly-diabetic-esteem too, therefore I appreciate his constancy, for real.
I could make justice to my love for him only making something genuinely stupid. 'Cause, you know, he was also the one who introduced me to The Ministry of Silly Walks –– which, for real, changed my life making me weirdly walk every time I can, wherever I am. Not a little thing either.

(That's all, McA, I hope that the Stupidity Level of the post was worthy the wait, since you fittingly noticed that, if I was postponing some more time, the concept itself of Satan+666 could get outdated…)

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Post Number 665: just a recap

The tracks of my posts here are getting confusing compared to what I had planned. There are still many things I have to post. So I want to very quickly recap what's going on––really quickly, 'cause right now I'm in an Internet Point during my trip in Latin America: I left The Netherlands almost two weeks ago, I crossed France and Spain to visit some friends and then I started this adventure with my one-way ticket. In the meanwhile, I'm still working on various projects and my previous aims; I'll keep updating here, somehow. As usual, there's much going on.
However, the most important point is that this is my post n. 665: so you know you gotta expect something sweet for the next one, right?