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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Post Number 665: just a recap

The tracks of my posts here are getting confusing compared to what I had planned. There are still many things I have to post. So I want to very quickly recap what's going on––really quickly, 'cause right now I'm in an Internet Point during my trip in Latin America: I left The Netherlands almost two weeks ago, I crossed France and Spain to visit some friends and then I started this adventure with my one-way ticket. In the meanwhile, I'm still working on various projects and my previous aims; I'll keep updating here, somehow. As usual, there's much going on.
However, the most important point is that this is my post n. 665: so you know you gotta expect something sweet for the next one, right?

Monday, 13 April 2015

These photographs I made when I was 11.

I finally got again some photographs from my late 90s and early 00s; among all those albums, I bumped into one of my first film rolls used with some "inspired" attitude; I thought I had a good mental overview of my old photographs and it is actually true enough, but my point of view on those photographs changed pretty much, as much as my perception changed.
I now vaguely remember me asking my little and gorgeous cousin Mary to wear that beautiful dress the day after, coming at our Grandma. I was very lucky, she was totally up to play with me and the compact camera my mom had. It was, I remember, also the way I was trying to keep playing with my younger cousin although I was growing and loosing interest in the holy holy holy games we had always done till a bit before.
I must admit, I'm in love with these pictures. I find them quit hilarious because of how weird and decadent somehow they are despite the age we had, I laugh thinking of our fun, but I also actually like them; Mary's delicate, romantic and perfect beauty always blows my mind.
Scanning cheap prints, I couldn't get accurate digital versions, but this randomly helped in making these portraits so strange. I only raised the black a bit. And… well, turned the last picture, with me and Mary together, in black and white. I had to!!!

Ok. Enjoy how a 11-years-old kid was playing with her cousin at the age of 7!

In case some are wondering: I was liking the old school Addams Family very much, but it wasn't an actual reference: I had no time to watch it. As you see, I was a kid busy with improving my surrealist approach to life.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Great X's Evil Twin

The legs of this lady are hard to be forgotten. However, her beautiful comic art and illustrations are a Great way to offer something else to your eyes.

(Little tribute to my beloved friend Q.)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


These photographs were waiting in my hard disc. They are some experiments I had made out of a little session done for another purpose. They are extra-gifts of an afternoon.

I've just seen that the new single from Tame Impala came out––oh yeah, I'm a fan of them, I couldn't wait a single second to play it!
As I started to listen to it, closing my eyes, I've seen this my friend dancing, the unique, spontaneous, FREE, joyful, soft, a bit childish, so deep being so light, sweet, pure, original, playful, AUTHENTIC way she dances. So, it's much different from the moods you see here above, actually, but these photographs came in mind 'cause there is just her. Just her.
And as I had those visions, I felt like I HAD to make a video for this song, only with her dancing. Stop. I need to.
Now I'm begging her to do it. She's surely now sleeping and I'm looking for hearing her answer. It will be hard, I know, 'cause we manage to be too busy, already, fuck, all the time. But I hope we make it.
I'd need only one day.

Please, Masha!