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Saturday, 9 March 2013

"Cut the Line" is coming soon!

Some months ago, going through what they call "New Weird America", this kind of psych folk that I love to explore so much, once I found a lovely new yorker singerwriter, Heidi Harris, and I was glad to listen to her music like it is when you got a little discovery that for you it's so precious. You imagine that you're a collector of shells and you just stumbled in a very particular and rare one, thinking that you must be very lucky finding such a treasure that fits so well your mind… With these emotions, I seen that, somehow, through some social networks, she found me as well, probably scrolling her listeners, but the point was that after a while she shown many feelings for my art too. That's how we started to see how far was our reciprocal sensation that a magic connection was happening between our creative worlds. Exactly like the birth of a love, my creatures recognised themselves in her creatures. Obviously, an artistic collaboration seemed immediately necessary. So, as first step, now one of my illustration is the front cover of her new album, Cut the Line, that now is almost ready with her Canadian label, Inner Ocean Records.

When she told that this drawing of mine was the one that in the end conquered her, I was really surprised. At first because it's basically a self portrait and I felt a bit shy to be there, on her cover, with those my sentences included too (a rare extra text for any cover album, I guess). But above all I was surprised because that illustration is actually one of my favourites too, born just from my inspiration, but, "unfortunately", never used for anything. Now this work has its way and I'm pleased of it, still loving its charme, but also finally feeling really far from that moment (more then one year ago): now I don't have to try to be quiet – and if I look into my seascapes, after all… I go invaded from an orgy of happiness. But that's another story. That you will maybe enjoy in the second step of our collaboration –so, folks, stay tuned, as they say!