Friday, 8 February 2013

A pair of cool musical gigs (with my lines between too)

In the next days, in Cremona there are a pair of concerts with the flyer made by McA, that asked me an illustration to both of them.

The first one was drawn one year ago (it's a long story…) and it's a portrait of Bob Corn, the singerwriter that will play at Arci the 17th of February e, dato che magari il mio blog lo legge anche gente che è nei paraggi: andatelo a vedere, figlioli, specie te, Sonica, che ci metti un attimo e ti piacerà assai.

I have to say that I really like the graphic design of the flyer, but I'm not satisfied at all of my portrait. Too bad…

The second concert is a Cremonapalloza Supports night, the 30th of March at C.S.A. Dordoni, with Jonathan Grass, Koen and Vulcano; my illustration was made some years ago (indeed you could recognize it, maybe) and instead I fuckin' love this simply drawing, so I'm glad that it can take a new life.

Ah, just to defend myself from the reasonable critique of laziness: McA in himself asked me to find something ready, last minute, I'm not shameless starting to recycle my artworks. Emhhh… but talking about old works, actually, going through my folders for that purpose, I stumbled in a sketch of one year ago that I never had published and it's a weird double self-portait that tells a lot about the changement of my last seasons. It was mainly from me to me, without taking care about the general usability of the sketch; indeed, almost nobody can understand that I was the girl to the left but the other one too, in my version 12 years old. It's about the crisis that brought me far from my responsability on ethic questions: a kind of curious story, because, instead, when I was younger I was really involved in these topics.

But now I feel so lighter if I look to this drawing and back to those months, because I feel this gorgeous sensation that every piece of me is now in harmony in one complete creature, with hopes again, even  more then before.

Enjoy (music, people and multiverse)

And thanks again, McA, I always love collaborate with yu!