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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Play The Game

Any social network asks you to define yourself, to distinguish yourself and you better know which is your favourite movie, your favourite football team, your favourite pet, your own special favourite quote and obviously your favourite brand.

Perhaps you are already a bit beyond this level, but maybe you're a thinker, or a creative, then you could be obsessed by the need of defend your unique skill, your special talent, your genius.

The fact is that you shouldn't build a wall; we're all connected and part of the same flow.
The fact is that you should see how what they call "ego" goes through our borders, from you to all the multiverse.

Anyhow, if you open your eyes in front of a mirror, you usually see always your face. Awakening up, you usually see your hands, your legs, your belly, under your chin.

So, be conscious of the bigger cycle in which you breathe and be conscious of your specific ship for your life journey too:

welcome in the enchanted loom – play the game, here and now.

A playing-self-portrait

PS. A kind of not common song – almost childish, in a way – is being even too touching recently with me: Ode to the Brain!


ribbon. said...

Eta è inquieting, ma molto peaceful

e sei bbella

Eta said...



Anonymous said...

Effettivamente, mi hanno parecchio colpita dai tuoi occhi nudi. :)

Eta said...

Però, tu, Do, a occhi nudi già mi vedesti, no?

(Ma comunque, sia te che la nana: immaginatevi che ridere mentre mi truccavo la fronte! Momento anche demenziale, assicuro. Poi epicamente demenziale perché piacevolmente interrotto da una skypata lunga con Lady Trincardi, che mi ha trovata in quelle condizioni! HA!)

Calzino said...


Eta said...

Ti stavo pensando giusto dieci minuti fa, pensavo che voglio più post calzini! :D E vedo che ci sono! Huhu!

Ti amo pur'io, Calzino!!!