Tuesday, 20 October 2015

From The Atacama Eternal Blue In The Moon Valley »»»» Towards My Own Origin

I was in my old room in Utrecht, and I felt like I had to be in the Moon Valley in the Atacama desert. I happened to decide to change my life. It was the night between the 19th and the 20th, of October. It was past midnight, so it was already the 20th. I thought that it was a pity, because I would have liked such a decisive ritual happening on a 19th.
He who travels far was in the Blue Moon Valley in the Atacama desert, and he felt like a being who was in her old room in Utrecht had to be there. He happened to decide to change his life. He thought that it was a pity that it was already the 20th of October, because he would have liked such a decisive ritual happening on a 19th.

On the night between the 19th and the 20th, of October, past midnight so already on the 20th, since I wasn't in the Moon Valley in the Atacama desert, I became the moon and the sky and I went above the Moon Valley in the Atacama desert.

Flowerasm VIII - Atacama Eternal Blue In The Moon Valley

* * * *

The Flowerasm I made that night is still one of my favourite illustrations ever and it became the main symbol of the style I want to explore.

That night I understood how to change my life in the direction that, back then, I felt I had to go; I hanged its echo on the wall /// 20X2014 – 4III2015 – Go forward towards your own origin! – G! /// and now, one year later, I'm at my own origin. Not within the deadline I told myself and with a five months journey in the middle, but still I am, and not too far from the timing I demanded.

The dragon head you can see here above, below the hanged echo, comes from another story I will tell some other day. Now it is one year from the night I was the sky and the path towards my own origin – which is never going back, is rather going further up on… a spiral…

Flowerasm VIII - Atacama Eternal Blue In The Moon Valley: preritual

Flowerasm VIII - Atacama Eternal Blue In The Moon Valley: preritual

Looking for the sign is like going further till your own origin.

Andrea Pazienza

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Seven years of flying fish

Just in time! It's not midnight yet, I made it home before, it's still the 9th of October! Happy 7th birthday, my dear little blog!
Thanks so much to all the people who shown some sweetness for it: much much love to all of you!
A special thought to Lu, for the very meaningful day she had today and shared with me, to Lidia, who wrote me this afternoon and have lots in common with Lu although they never met, and to Lu's friend who recently left Budapest for Austria, Palestina, Nepal and Spain, keen to help people.

▲ Cheers to the process of clearing one's vision, "as they say in Findhorn"
(as my thoughtmate says ♥ ). * * *

Just made, coming home, from the bus glass: the gaze which always I find traveling with me…

Argh, not in time: publishing the post at 00:01 of the 10th. Shit, sorry my sweet blog. But: you do know I've been thinking of you, and you know very well my little issue with time, don't you?

PS. And also: Happy Birthday, PJ Harvey!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Warming Up at Wembley, in Budapest

I was used to say that we have to train the wonder – and while saying that, somewhere in myself I always had this whisper laughing at my prudence, «you'll never stop to wonder, stupid Eta», instead my prudence was wiser, because I found myself in the position of getting used to the most spectacular things and needing to actively call for my attention and my ability to still see the beauty.
That's not why I started to yak on that, but Queen certainly can light my most sacred fire even when I feel empty. Lately I weirdly feel a bit lost about what to listen, which is extremely strange, for me, and I only feel like going to my oldest and most classical musics, like the themes of my childhood or the first discs that I bought myself. So Jethro Tull, Angelo Branduardi, Lucio Battisti, Gentle Giant, Frank Zappa, Janis Joplin and definitely Queen are being my great supporters while working in (look-at-how-I-say-this-like-nothing-happened-and-this-is-not-at-all-like-just-the-fuckin'-first-step-towards-one-of-my-personal-biggest-dreams-possibly-coming-true) an animation studio in Budapest, where I moved a few weeks ago.
I don't know yet what can be told about this project I'm working on, so I'll keep silent, for now. Anyway, the  sweet, shiny fact is: I'm spending my days animating, animating, animating.
Today I had my very first chance to draw on a Cintiq graphic tablet and, oh, well, how, how, how feels good!
While animating, sometimes I wanted to warm up a bit, or to break doing something completely different and spontaneous; on another monitor I was letting myself being pleased by Queen's Live at Wembley, so Brian May conquered my fingers. I drawn it quickly and I worked a bit on the colours afterwards; maybe his eyes aren't alike, but it was ages that I wanted to satisfy my lines with his face, so I just went with the frenzy.

Ah, emh, if someone wants now to make up a conspiracy between Brian May being Marge Simpson, because of the yellow and the blue, feel free – or just remember that the live at Wembley happened in very 1986.

Hope you drooled on his lips and destroyed your device,


Friday, 2 October 2015

Stefano Scrima On Miguel de Unamuno and The Immortality

After Esistere forte, Non voglio morire ("I don't want to die") is the new book by Stefano Scrima. It's about the philosopher Miguel de Unamuno (29 September 1864, Bilbao – 31 December 1936, Salamanca) and the immortality. Once again, I had the pleasure of collaborating for the cover, for which Stefano asked me a portrait of de Unamuno.

Graphic design by Stefano Savella

 * * *


A lui e alla sua passione per la vita, l'arte e la filosofia è dedicata questa monografia in libreria ad Ottobre per Diogene Multimedia, esito delle passeggiate madrilene tra i libri della Cuesta de Moyano, le chiaccherate all'Ateneo, le visite al Diavolo al Parque del Retiro, le incursioni universitarie, le riflessioni salmantine e la carne argentina trangugiata come rimedio al male di vivere in compagnia del messer Michele Botto, nobiluomo in visita dal Medioevo.
Ad impreziosirla i contributi di Luís María Cifuentes, uomo leggendario, e Pietro Piro, fine scrutatore di anime.
Stefano Scrima