Thursday, 3 September 2015

One of my Flowerasms as WeTransfer Editorial! ✌

Many of you surely often open a tab on WeTransfer, start to upload or download a file and perhaps stay some time looking at the background, whether is a pure advertisement or an artwork, simply because it's beautiful. On an Internet mostly full of annoying banners everywhere and video advertisements blocking the movie that you were gonna watch (till you downloaded AdBlock), to me WeTransfer immediately came to attention for its very different approach – a bit zen, as they say. Their service is about file transferring, full stop, so they realized that they need just a little window to fill up a very few fields, and then all the rest of the screen could be up to anything else. And instead of organizing a complicated layout, they decided to hold a certain style. We need just that little portion of pixels on the left, why don't we use the rest for something beautiful? So, very often, on rotation on their background, one can find a selection of artworks.
Frequently I clicked on the wallpapers, visiting the websites of the related artists. I started to wonder about how these freelancers were there, since usually such a space is very expansive and have prices proportioned to a big company income, and finally I surfed more on their info section, from their About till the pages linked on its bottom. And I got very impressed. As much as I have a general and extreme repulsion to the world of advertisements, as much I appreciated the peculiar way they treat it. I sent an email to them and after a few weeks I received a very gentle email on which they explained to me that, apart of the commercial wallpapers, they decided to support creative content, and they invited me to send my proposals. The only thing they asked back was to mention them on my social networks. What I'm doing here, writing so widely, is perhaps even a little further, but my ears had such an overdose from the disrespectful, unkind and loud commercials that we have to get through exactly like any dystopia would command, that I can't believe that finally some companies are adopting kinder ways –– and, at the same time, are even supporting art, for free!
So, Thank you WeTransfer! And, dear fellow artists, consider contacting them too!

Here is the WeTransfer Editorial Wallpaper with my work. Much joy for it!


The work they selected from me is a very particular one.

As the title says, that's the other side of the 4th gate for the hug full of eternal blue.
So there is another side of this. But it will stay unseen.
And that gate, that gate had a door, but the door went to The Door, who's the other force of the hug full of eternal blue. He Who Travels Far.
A piece of this paper, which is The Door, traveled to reach the traveler.
So this painting is divided in two parts, both unseen, separated and creating a field of magic which runs from the gate till the traveling door; only a third, extra part, which is only the other side of them, is shared, here, and that's what I would love to tell you
of a hug full of eternal blue.

This is the Flowerasm № 7.

The whole Flowerasms series is on my website.

Good luck finding doors, gates
and recalling the way back, too.

Light, Love and Laughter,