Monday, 24 December 2012


When my hands are busy, my mind is set on my own and often it starts to virtually writing. In this period, my mind writes a structured synthesis of my hypothetical next future, a synthesis supposed to be shared maybe also here, looking for my meaningful stone from where to see Beyond. But at the moment the hands (pretty useful for the physical action of writing, actually) are too often busy with other stuff. So I'm just posting a sketch made with these thoughts, some weeks ago. I hope to find the time for a long post about this, also because even if it looks how something completely about me (perhaps with that classic timing of the end of a year), I'm sure that it concerns huge concepts that should involve everybody; I'm already curious about your opinions. Furthermore, a lot of people is asking me what I feel like doing next year: well, my options are so complex to tell, that I'd like having a ready text, after all.

Friday, 21 December 2012

(If You Want It!)

«I never heard the silence in four years.»

Memory of a childwood during the Jugoslavian Civil War

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Where are you floating down?

Something strange is just happened.

This night I'm finally replying a long e-mail to my friend Dorotea. Meanwhile, I have an open folder with some pictures of her last time with me in Utrecht, i picked up my developed roll just today and I was gonna publish them.

Writing to her, suddenly the title for the post came in mind – Where are you floating down? Already in my e-mail to her, I mentioned Dumbo, when he's still that cute bundle of the post-stork. Dumbo that flow down through the clouds.

Well, having the title, my fingers automatically googled "floating down".
In the time between the short typing, a line from Pink Floyd clearly appeared in my thoughts: Floating down the sound resounds. I had written this quote of Astronomy Domine hugely on my old bookcase, when I was a teenager. It's something engraved in my memory end even if "floating down" are just a pair of words, my brain has his maniacal duty to respect. Still typing my title on Google (yes, this is a story of two seconds), I smiled back to myself and my obsession, but then an unexpected result made me really surprised: the first suggestion was The Gunner's Dream, another song from Pink Floyd! I was almost disappointed because instead I had completely forgotten that line. Shame on me, I ever kept inside The Gunner's Dream as well as a holy track (I have a personal particular affection for all the album The Final Cut, that, in comparison with the rest of the discography, is not so loved.)
But the real coincidence was listen again to the song and read the lyrics, discovering that the first line says exactly Floating down through the clouds: right as my image of Dorotea as Dumbo! And if you know those such wonderful bastards that Pink Floyd were, you already see the assonance between the two songs:
Floating down the sound resounds
Floating down through the clouds
And if you know them and you're maniac enough, you are already conscious that this could be the umpteenth tribute from Waters to Barrett (Astronomy Domine was in their first album and the lyrics are by Syd Barrett, instead Final Cut belongs to the last period and it's by Roger Waters).
Ok, I have no idea about how all this can be already famous, but such a coincidence with such a "discovering" was already something to share. 

Furthermore, I could tell that opening the tab with the song and seeing that youtube wasn't loading, I was wondering about from what I had heard that sound and why it seemed The Wall in place of The Gunner's Dream. Obviously there was another song still going in streaming (that classic stupid mistake that happens if you use too many tabs at the same time). This suggestive song that I was hearing now for the first time is Byss & Abyss, by Espers, and it doesn't sound as Pink Floyd, it was a sensation of two seconds, but I'm still trying to understand which song reminded me. Who knows, perhaps someone else feels the same and can help me.

Anyway, Dorotea, now you can feed you with three songs just for you.
I guess that Byss & Abyss, actually, will become the one more tuned on your vibrations.

But I didn't forgot my original question.
Where are you floating down, Dorotea?

Or rather: please, don't.

(No, non so cosa cacchio significa "figo" in contesto nederlandese. Sì, sto indagando. Poi aggiorno la didascalia  a dovere.)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Five Hands painting session

Before our collective painting session, Jessie was the only artist to know all the guests of this nice experiment that she asked us to do together.

She told us that she was sure just about one thing: the difference between the styles of all of us. And she was right; also our paths in art are very different.

After some vague e-mails, we prefered to decide the possibile project the same evening, waiting the inspiration of our first live meeting.

Painting by: Tom de Bruin, Enzio van Olderen, Natalja Heybroek, Jessie Bragdon and Eta

The idea of the five hands drawing themselves was by Enzio (yes, Escher, thanks also to you, we didn't forgot you, dear old cute corpse!). Our sheet was big enough to design it in real size and start to work together, adding details to the concept of the painting (and stealing some moments of the night – the thieves of these photographs were Natalja and me).

me, Tom and Enzio (please, pay attention to every different expression, hahaha)
Jessie (a barefoot soul) and Enzio
After a while, who wasn't painting hanged another sheet to the wall of my studio and we left a print of our arms straight from the skin to the paper, creating a kind of "parallel" work.

Obviously again by Tom de Bruin, Enzio van Olderen, Natalja Heybroek, Jessie Bragdon and me
Already another sheet was on the wall too, the one in which we freely spontaneously sketched some doodles.

and again…

Enzio between two hanged works
Enzio, Jessie, Natalja and Tom around the last moments of the collective session…

Thank you again to Jessie for called us and thanks also again to all of you, Enzio, Natalja and Tom.


Natalja's breathing canvas-skin

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Dans le Port d'Amsterdam

Vive le immense ciel d'Hollande, le dernier mémoire en ma tête apres ma premier fois ici, quelque jours pendant mon cela special douzième annè de vie.

Et vive l'amitiè que ouvre ces portes aussi quand tu es perdu.

The port of Amsterdam is a magic place for at least a doub-ble reason.

Do you think that the places absorb the tales that humans tell about them?

Dankjewel, Roel.

(Our destination was even more precious: it will have its space soon, not in this post.)

Saturday, 8 December 2012


I am striving to learn how to keep shining the naked sweetness without accept dishonest hurts.

I really hope to gain this knowledge to share it.

I already found many concepts about, but I'm still far from my aim.

One of the main key to handle has probably this name, between humans:    Truth    .

Friday, 16 November 2012

The first step is admitting it.

In my life there is a daily BC and AC: before Coffee and After Coffee.

my BC by my favourite Rascal, Natalja

Before the first coffee I'm only the demo version* of myself.

Should I do something against my addiction?
How can I renounce to such a gorgeous familiar tradition?

Anyway, about my troubles with making coffee: well, Natalja found the obvious cause: if I'm making the coffe, I'm obviously before Coffee: how can I do anything before the coffe?!

* I proudly stolen this gag to Federica Orlati. Sorry, redhead dolly.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Story of Two Lanterns.

Once upon a time a girl with a flying surprise.

Me and the girl have drawn together on the flying surprise.
The girl have drawn a girl called Clementina.
I have drawn a flying fish called flying fish.

Me and the girl have tried to let fly the flying surprise.

But the flying surprise didn't flew.

The girl has decided to give me another lantern.

I conserved the lantern for another girl that contemplates little things and infinite wisdom.

I waited for the Night.

That Night the lantern flew.

The girl smiled.

End of the story of Two Lanterns

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Zun Zun Egui and Container

Container and the flyer attached on my carnet
Voila another reportage with sketches and photographs, again at dB'S of Utrecht, this time just for my pleasure and for Container, the first band on stage or rather a strong stream of healthy stoner.

Container (video on the stage)
After Container, on the stage Zun Zun Egui came. I abuse of the word "weird", but now I'm sure that is the proper one. My brain follows them wondering if I'm really listening to what I think. And when you start to believe to that magic energy…
… I don't know yet how fight against my desire to draw anyway! So here some portraits of them too.

Zun Zun Egui
Zun Zun Egui
Zun Zun Egui
Zun Zun Egui

Many psychedelic kisses to every monster from the land of the pink and grey.