Monday, 30 March 2015

Great X's Evil Twin

The legs of this lady are hard to be forgotten. However, her beautiful comic art and illustrations are a Great way to offer something else to your eyes.

(Little tribute to my beloved friend Q.)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


These photographs were waiting in my hard disc. They are some experiments I had made out of a little session done for another purpose. They are extra-gifts of an afternoon.

I've just seen that the new single from Tame Impala came out––oh yeah, I'm a fan of them, I couldn't wait a single second to play it!
As I started to listen to it, closing my eyes, I've seen this my friend dancing, the unique, spontaneous, FREE, joyful, soft, a bit childish, so deep being so light, sweet, pure, original, playful, AUTHENTIC way she dances. So, it's much different from the moods you see here above, actually, but these photographs came in mind 'cause there is just her. Just her.
And as I had those visions, I felt like I HAD to make a video for this song, only with her dancing. Stop. I need to.
Now I'm begging her to do it. She's surely now sleeping and I'm looking for hearing her answer. It will be hard, I know, 'cause we manage to be too busy, already, fuck, all the time. But I hope we make it.
I'd need only one day.

Please, Masha!


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

"Go to Stay" - Heidi and the 9 Feathers

So, how does sound to you
"alternative / experimental / freak / folk / new weird america / folk pop / psych folk"?
That's the tags jam for Go to Stay, now in streaming and download on bandcamp; it's the first album from Heidi and the 9 Feathers (fb, soundcloud), a project in which I had the pleasure to be involved by Heidi Harris, with whom I had already done several different and lovely collaborations in these last years, growing a sweet and sweeter understanding.
Here's my front cover for them!

In these months, sometimes on the top right of my monitor I was visualizing some messages from my Dropbox and then I knew that almost always that was some magic from my dear Feathers, sharing their work in progress in those folders where I also could have the joy to spy how their music was growing. They were rehearsing in New York and then putting there a lot. I love how I could somehow join their process from Europe. Often I was receiving whole traces full of their dialogues, random, technical, sometimes it was really fun! It was really a bit like being in their room. At a certain point I told Heidi how much I was liking that and, oh well, that was brilliant, haha, 'cause actually she had forgot that I was in the Dropbox too! Honestly, it made it even funnier and more special!

For the back cover we used an amazing portrait of Heidi made by the photographer Micheal Cooper.

The more the time passes by, the more I love collaborating with Heidi, appreciating her kindness and discovering how, probably, our artistic processes are very similar, in pace and needs.

I fantasize more than a bit about what more we may do together and I'd love very much to meet in person all the Feathers. And, well, ideas are always too many, here around, but perhaps this year will bring some little news… Anyway… Shhhh now! Listen to this little treasure!

PS. Don’t touch the Teddy Ruxpin!!!
…That title is something, ah!!!