Sunday, 29 May 2016

LinFante at Trastevere in Unplugged

LinFante is back breathing, in Rome, and I made a poster for him once again.

And we're about to shake you further, again and again, s o o n.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Pangolin: Beauty Of The Armour's Strength

There's a concept of strength very dear to me: the strength of sharing our fragility, and, together with this, our most precious love. That's so much part of the concepts I mean to share through my work, through my life.
It is a kind of lost art, so I feel that it deserves more attention. It is part of the mission of a Rainbow Warrior.
In the last months, though, I had to acknowledge deeply the clear strength of the armour – a type of strength that I had rather disregarded, as it's just the opposite of what I tend to encourage: the armour is a closing action, while my heart hopes for an increasing collective openness.
Yet, yes, the armour does work. I must see this as well. Dangers do exist, and the armour can definitely be a tool. One tool, one of the many we have. There's not one only correct way. I believe in multiple choices and multiple possibilities. I still battle for the flower battle, I still gently fight for the gentle fight, but I do bow to the power of a armour that defends from lion attacks.

Let me introduce to you who shown to me this intriguing technique.

Ladies and gentlemen: The Pangolin.

Oil pastels and waterable pencils on velour paper, 24x17 cm circa

I'll leave here also some sketches made while studying it. The pangolin deserves much study.

* With a delicate eye for pangolins turning 30 on the 19th of May, 2016.