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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The stream is going in a shape

My list of current projects and ideas is always been too long, even before my high school age, I never known a moment in which jump and say "Yahoo, I'm free!". It's a bit frustrating, but I know that it's because I basically care of write down all my interesting ideas, seeing later what I can pick up and develop.
But since the beginning of the year my list crazily grown, riding the new tornado of my inspiration.
Finally the list looks like a life plan – and it's a mess, but one of the best that I ever seen as mine.

Probably I'll often update the blog still with easy sketches and photographs, but really a lot of stuff should come out in the next months, even if I'm not yet ready to tell what's going on.

Meanwhile, I show a little detail of the big illustration that I was doing yesterday night.

I made the sketch of this illustration in the past April and it born in my mind exactly the night from the 1st to the morning of the 2nd of April 2012, one year ago, the day in which I moved from Italy to The Netherlands, definitely the first day of my new consciousness way.

This drawing is very particular to me, for many reasons, included the time that is taking. I usually end an illustration in one working night, sometimes two when the sketch asks more. Instead this illustration wants me lost in the details and in the shading like in the old times. Because of my bunch of stuff to do and obviously also because of what my messages asked to my styles, well, it's a long time that I don't allow myself such a long joy with my pastels, in that old way that literally turns your nervous system to the best meditative state.

I was enjoying again so much this state of mind in which I fly when I draw in this way and I was thinking that I could fuckin' die of joy if I were one of that old naturalist that were also illustrator – spending the whole life descovering new species of flowers and butterflies and drawing for scientific reasons.
With this thoughts in my mind, I was taking some inspiration for my figures from some photographs on Google. And in that moment the little new green doodle took my attention:

Maria Sibylla Merian (2 April 1647 – 13 January 1717) was a German-born Swiss naturalist and scientific illustrator, [...]
Because of her careful observations and documentation of the metamorphosis of the butterfly, she is considered one of the most significant contributors to the field of entomology. [...]

Anyhow, the fish in my new banner (hey, that young fish is a brave traveller, don't you see?, it travels through the consciousness between the time, the space and the changes) is another detail of my illustration… if you're still here and not contemplating the amazing work of Maria Sibylla. But you know that both of them call you back to the same great point of view: 
                                                                            the art of seeing.
   So, take a breathe around, now

                                                                     (my Dutch Springtime is so moving! Ancóra).

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