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Sunday, 16 March 2014

"Why Do You Knit?", a short-movie/long-trip (by one me ago)

I thank my friend Masha for insisting on making me subtitle my old short movie Perché lavori ai ferri?.

I made this raving, paranoic film more than four years ago, for an experimental course of my Bachelor in Media Design and Multimedial Arts; this very interesting course was named Theater, Real, Reality. I was already late and I had to hurry up, so many things aren't well done. Above all, now I hear different calls, so this film doesn't tell anymore what I feel I want to share.
Still, I think I never made anymore something good like that, in movies: the direction, the editing, was terribly fitting the idea – and I sincerely think there is "something extra". Because of the duende and because that time I probably made it to reach one of the effect I mostly care in cinema: that thing someone calls "Psychorealism".
I think there is "something extra" also because of not a few people telling me they did find much of themselves in it.
I want to thank them too, their feedbacks have been very important to me, to understand what I had done and what I could do, especially in that period of my life, so insecure.
All this, though, happened within the Italian language, so now I'm very curious to see if this video can create any similar reactions also subtitled in English, to not Italian speakers; it will be a little challenging – so, please, feel free to comment or write to me…

Well. Enjoy.
(But not too much.)

By the way, smiles, yarns and strangers are still among my favourite elements.
…As one can tell by the previous post, after all.

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