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Monday, 3 March 2014

True To The Blues: The Johnny Winter Story

Some time ago my beloved Rib. asked me to collaborate for a contest for the big bluesman Johnny Winter; lately mine and her time has been crazily busy, though, so we couldn't dedicated very much of ourselves into this work. Still, we have done something and, well, just in case your votes wouldn't be disliked… Here you vote the first one and here the second one. Just in case you actually appreciate 'em, though (I hate so much the pressing for getting votes online…).

(I'm really sorry for the watermarks on the illustrations, but I have to keep them because of the contest, of course. I'm even more sorry for not being very present on my blog, in this period, since I have a huge queue of things to say here, but, again, I've been way too busy. Hopefully, I'll publish a ton of stuff very soon.)

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