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Saturday, 22 March 2014

LinFante's debut album and more /// (A lui non piace niente, ma a noi lui piace un sacco)

The only man who doesn't change is the dead man»
(although you might consider decomposition and what's-next as well) 

  that's what S. said to me when I was about seventeen.

As my friend Jul Jackalope says, people like us is doomed to witness our companions giving up to that thing so fundamental to us – that specialty, sparkle, "black hole", art, chaos.

Well, although S. is right and indeed he changed as well, I already know he will never change about that speciality. And this is priceless.

I started making musical artworks with him, because of him, with his projects, when we were teenagers, our artistic understanding kept working through all the changes and years, and, well, it's really sweet to post now my artworks for his debut solo album with a label!

Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm extremely pleased to introduce you
and his album

LinFante - Non mi piace niente
I worked really hard for this project, never stopping drawing till we were totally satisfied, so I must say that now I'm very proud and happy with the final results.

LinFante - Non mi piace niente
The album will be released on the 10th of April 2014, but meanwhile you can enjoy the preview of the music video on the webzine Relics, made by two bad fellows, my old friends Federico Fronterrè and David Chance Fragale, starring Chiara Brambati and LinFante.

You maybe noticed how terribly lovely is the handwriting of the credits.
Yes, I know, I wish you can handle it.
Thank you, by the way.

And there is another big fact which involves our collaboration: his book Esistere forte (qui come e-book), signed with his real name Stefano Scrima (per spiare qualcosa di più del suo saggio, infilatevi nel suo sito e poi perdetevici, 'ché oramai la produzione scritta di Stefano è sterminata).
On the cover there are my portraits of Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre and André Gide (framed in the graphic design by Valerio Ognibene).

E se volete leggere invece le prime recensioni di Non mi piace niente, eccovi qui quella su GiulioZine, su Ritratti di note e su Relics - Controsuoni
Poi, ovviamente, potete anche "seguirlo", soprattutto se volete farlo fisicamente beccandovi i palchi su cui raschierà le corde.

That's all for now.
I greet you together with our beloved Owl of Athen (la nottola di Minerva, per noi latini), who will guide you through the disc, if you just open the case…

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