Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Let's go, oh my oh my flying expanded consciousness…

Night time.
I come home with three inner whiskeys, inspired by some jam sessions in my loved Utrecht, I crush on my couch, I open the laptop and a chat pops up.


This summer I want to stay 15 days in Iceland, I go around and I create. Do you want to share with me THE TRIP?

Take your time to decide.


People with a common sense would wait to know better what you want to do. Wise people would start to understand better what they want to do. Crazy people would accept immediately.

To which group I shamelessly belong?


Among the three, definitely the fourth!

Right now I'm at the airport of Amsterdam Schipol and the gate just opened.

/////             update:         right now I'm at Reykjavik Keflavik waiting for the Enda's plane.


Eta & the flying fishes which I draw on my skin, doodling like a child


Anonymous said...

Io salto su.
Ma quanto sono felice di questo tuo viaggio?!

Eta said...