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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Please, really

This shit is 300 dpi, so you can choose the one you prefer and make your print out of it, for free – just in case it could help you as reminder.

PS. I'm back from Iceland and working on a lot of stuff (including the Icelandic project with Enda) and maybe gonna travel again this month to finally enjoy my first Rainbow Gathering, in UK. I'm not sure yet, it depends from how my future will match my not-so-predictable waves, but if there is anybody out there going in Wales hopefully for my same reasons, hey, let's hitchhike together (I'll start from The Netherlands). Of course, also a lift is welcome. (About la Manche… I can help you carry on your bodies to fly there thanks to my fishes, so my company is advantageous for you too!)

///  EDIT: the fishes said that they are not a chariot and that I have to please me with what I already have and shut up.
But they also said that tonight will draw inspired all the night. Awww!!!

(Anyway my company, if we travel together, will be advantageous anyway: I can teach you how to contemplate ANY random stone when you are just in the middle of a crossing, for example.)

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