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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

«Is it finished?»

 – Is it finished?
 – Perhaps we'll finish it in some years.

This is what I reply to people ask me about the canvas hanged up in my chamber.
Because there is no hurry, there is never hurry.

Those lines and those colours came out during an experiment of collective automatic drawing, which means avoiding the rational attitude and do not plan anything before, following the subconscious.

Trying to walk in balance on the inner line without looking below on the sure rational path is not so easy, especially if one works with someone else and has to ignore the spontaneous desire of predict the someone else's idea. In fact, I'm sure that I didn't respect sufficiently the rules; they, though, have constituted certainly an inspiring territory where to dance.

Me and Felipe Iturrieta started first from a smaller size, painting on a sheet.
Most of the lines that don't form figures are actually automatic enough, probably, but for sure I felt that instead the figures were too conscious, at least I felt myself still to aware.

However, it have been very interesting and funny and also cool as preparation for the canvas, where we likely felt closest to the attitude of automatic drawings.

The canvas is 2 square meters and we didn't paint with big tools or often crossing the whole surface, we used pencils, pastels and average brushes, so our perception was probably like having rows of different sheets, one after the other one, hanged on a wall: most of the time, we were focusing on little spots.

The canvas in the beginning

On the canvas we were already freer and first we made something and then, often, we played to trip in it, telling if we were able to recognise any figure. Sometimes, we added a something to complete our found vision.

And you?
What do you see tripping on our automatic drawings?

.  . . .   …  • ••  •  …   . . .  .

Watching my wall, I still trip in these shapes and lines and colours; thanks to all its parts, I really can go through it as I'm on a railway – and the trip is for sure one my favourite concept and a good reminder of the pleasure and duty of knowledge, which is always a trip. I also like all the emptiness, as a piece of peace for my mind and another lovely reminder for all the route that is waiting for us.

That's what happened during my last birthday and that I adopt as good celebration for what I wish to my life:

 • art;
 • sharing.

Again    : )

Pencil by Felipe Iturrieta and colours by Eta
Ecstatic Coelha Baunilha with Flying Fishes da disegno and Borboleta

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