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Sunday, 7 July 2013


Little tribute to the place wished so long to express itself beyond its wall

(o come, ha detto qualcuno che ama i giochi di parole psichedelici,
"una spezia di spaccio")

Una Specie di Spazio now closed its physical base and hopefully transmigrate in a new form, out of itself

     as out of itself is the art
            when it's so out of itself 'cause just getting mad;
           and when it reaches its best, going through and further the concept of one.

L'arte fuori di sè (literally "The Art Out Of Itself") is a book by Andrea Balzola and Paolo Rosa which brought me a serious series of stimulations about the current artistic situation, its trouble, its needs and the future we would pursuit. Most of the times I agree with it and I thought I have been lucky to experience and follow Una Specie di Spazio, which played a very important role in my (and not only mine, for sure) artistic formation – as visitor or as artisti, 'till you won't mind anymore about who's who.

Those cute things above, by the way, are its logo, which has been reinterpreted many times in many cool ways, from who run it and by different artists as well.

Buon viaggio, Una Specie di Spazio!

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