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Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Some weeks ago, I've been in that kind of Absolutely Rock local, right for an Absolutely Rock concert.
If the flyer that I've attached on my sketchbook catches your eyes, check out some videos of Bob Log III and Dead Elvis on YouTube: you'll understand what I mean.

Bob Log III and the flyer of the night

Dead Elvis
A special thanks to Il Pan del Diavolo (that I've portrayed a couple of times in Milan), 'cause when Dead Elvis has started to scream Woo ee ah ah! I've recognized the song thanks to this their Blu Laguna tribute to Lux Interior. But I guess that is truly better censor what Dead Elvis has told me when he had heard me recognize the song...
By the way, I've finally collected a lot of my sketched portraits of musicians on my Behance!

(For the last link, also a special thanks to Fel... Avevi ragione di nuovo!)


Anonymous said...

Eccome se aveva ragione. E' bello vederli tutti insieme.

Io però voglio sapere cosa ti ha detto Dead Elvis, eh! Mi lasci con la curiosità. E qui non ci sconvolgiamo di niente.

Eta said...

Eh Fel aveva ragione (a parte sul concerto) sull'origine della canzone cult "She said"! Io pensavo fosse dei Cramps, che Il Pan del Diavolo tributa col pezzo "Blu Laguna" (o "Lux Interior", dipende), mentre invece pare che il padre originario sia Hasil Adkins, appunto.