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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Il manifesto dell'altruismo /// Take off your borders

Our skin is a door between a world of communicating spaces*.
Take off your borders and dissolve yourself in the air.
Be everything.


Maybe you're looking in yourself, looking for yourself.
Maybe yourself is out of you.

I'm following the purpose that I've announced some weeks ago: show this concept by a metaphorical meta-illustration.

I'm glad to do it for the right occasion: a review by Stefano Scrima of "Il manifesto dell'altruismo"  of Philippe Kourilsky, published on Deckard.
For me it's nice because I like continue my collaboration with Stefano (I draw since 2007 artworks for his musical projects, LinFante and Sydrojé), but, above all, it's very positive find an article (by him) so closed to my actual thoughts.
His review is something different, actually, but I've decided to add my contribute, that is on the same way but it's more mystic. The text and the illustration complete each other ― that's what I hope.

I would dedicate this work to Dorotea, Natalja, Felipe, Mary, Kerol, "Bimba", Jul and Stefano, of course, because they are taking a great part in this my process.
But, above all, I dedicate this drawing to Everyone, especially to who has to find this point of view, this way to perceive the life...

(... and discover that makes you feel so fine...)

PS. Suggested soundtrack: Kaleidoscope, Caravan, Vashti Bunyan, Sufjan Stevens, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes, Angelo Branduardi, Thin Lizzy, and and and and, well, maybe start this list isn't so good, I cannot stop me!