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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Moustache Prawn, the cooks of the Biscuits

These three guys are Giancarlo Latartara, Leo Ostuni and Ronny Gigante, by my hand.

They are a drummer, a lead singer and guitarist and a bass player.
The weird band in which they play is called Moustache Prawn (yes, in the site you can recognize my bungler hand again).

This post is my last bite (here and here the others) before the publication of Biscuits, their first album in which you can see these portrait just in the middle, together with all the rest of my artwork.
Hey, now we're very closed to the date: 25th june!
In the while, you can taste something really special: the promo video Pullover, created by Gianvito Cofano and Alberto Mocellin (two men that you've to follow, I can't stop to repeat it 'cause they're two damned indefatigable talents). There're also some funny and nice photos from the backstage, by Annalaura Tamburrini.

I'm really gonna believing in these project, so, c'mon everybody, take a look to the stuff of this band and, above all, help us with a special dream: a stage in Sziget 2012! Vote is fuckin' easy, you've just to research their name. ;)

I would also point out a pair of very good new reviews, on and on Rockerilla:

Enjoy our abzurd pastry, folks!


Anonymous said...

Wow, in english! :D

Eta said...

The last review ask about their future out of Alpi, right? And their songs are in English, right? And English is the language that I'm gonna using to speak all the time... So, for this and another reasons...
(Praying my mistakes to disappears soooon! :P )

Anonymous said...

You rock, baby!

Anonymous said...

cazzo hai già imparato l'inglese...invidia..

Eta said...

Mmmh, dovrei averlo "già" imparato molto tempo fa e, comunque, purtroppo non ne sono ancora soddisfatta abbastanza. Però sto volendo tanto bene a questa lingua. La sto un po' arredando, come sto arredando la mia vita e il mio rifugio in questo posto. :)

Alligatore said...

Gran bel lavoro per i Moustache Prawn ... valorizza un disco già ottimo.

Eta said...

Grazie mille, Alligatore! Ho anche appena letto il post sul tuo blog.
Onorata di aver acidato i tuoi occhi! :)