Thursday, 18 December 2014

Just a regular John

Random sketch.
A regular John is always good for a random sketch.
Charming expression and specific source from: a Jul's photograph.

I adore how one of the most orange people I know has these default dramatic features.

(If morphopsychology turns you on too, well, do not miss iioo project and all the research its creator Andrea Riboni is now carrying. John himself is also very curious to see how he'd look into a iioo portrait. Can't wait!)

PS. The quote was unconscious, I realize it now, afterwards. I don't tell it. I'll send a kiss-thought (eh, i miei vechi bacipensieri…) for who will get it first. I know I can count on at least two of my readers. Go! Guess it!

PPS. I'm getting closer to the magic day when I'll publish my post number 666. This post is kinda special too, it is the number 666, on one hand, but only considering the drafts too. I'll do something for the number 666 between the published ones.
Just to make sure you know that when I'll burn away, even my dust will feel like Rock.
(And also because this kind of things excites my cousin McA.)

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