Monday, 1 December 2014

I adore when I immerse myself forward into my childhood to warm up my little hands and then I make very unexpected things, CIAO VICTOR CIAO PAOLA ho cinque anni, anzi 3!

Once again, approaching a new work, especially if it is a commission, first my hands decide by themselves to do something totally different, like that first they have to get rid of any previous spot and make sure they are clean and ready to immerse into a new world. At the same time, somehow this way they listen better to what's going on here into my inner seascape, to potentially pick it up as style, technique or mood for the coming work.
This time the new work I'm going to do the front cover for the novel The Grand Tour by Victor Lorandi Iturrieta. This story is part of The Red Universe (not only one book, but a series of stories told within one existence without barriers” – here also on fb).

The automatic spontaneous and pretty uncontrollable stream of drawings I made to warm up my hands happened on the new sketchbook I just bought. I must say that I'm very happy with these pictures and I love how they show, I believe, how healthy I feel. The way I draw is so much my gauge!

Now I just terribly wish that the way my ritual looked sane and unstoppable will be as happy as the actual working session for Victor and that this preparation will somehow turn useful to my illustration for him. But I know it will (and knowing it, finally knowing how my creative process works, is an extremely huge satisfaction and joy).

See you soon with much more: the cover for Victor and a bunch of other things exploding in my hard disk and in my room!



PS. The way I matched the colours here comes from what my body learnt in Iceland the past year. What impressed me the most has definitely been the new way I could see the colours there: the strength of some pastel colous and the elegance they can have next to some acid shades. The greens and the light yellows and the way pink is not a gender symbol but perhaps a psychedelic liquid echo. Oh yes. And how beautiful to find myself buys again with wax pastels?! That's a news of this fall, it was ages I wasn't using them this way. Like seven years ago, during my dinosaur obsession making flyers for Sydrojé (scroll till the bottom here to see)! How fun.

PPS. AAAAND… Happy Birthday, Victor! ;)

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