Monday, 15 December 2014

[Felice ⊙ Spin-off :::] Our Hair (Olive trees know everything)

I improvised much of my trip in Italy, back this summer, with my street art performance Felice. One of the stops I knew for sure, though, was Fasano, in Apulia, where I had a little mission with my friend Giulia Trincardi: taking photographs of our long hair into an olive trees field. It was our little tribute to our Friendship, which is born so really strongly only after our Bachelor, once we were geographically more and more apart (and therefore not that able to take photographs of our beloved hair together everyday, you know…).

She recently cut hair a lot, like 30 centimeters, and I can't tell how much that's sad to me (did I already shared the article about the power of hair between Native Americans? Anyway, although I don't know if it true, it does sound very credible to me). I want to publish now our photographs as little exorcism and to call her hair to grow long soon and sooner again (as I know they will).

We didn't know who could take our photographs there, nor it was a problem 'cause many people there could; but once I was in Fasano we immediately found in Annalaura Tamburrini our artist. So, almost all the photographs are sweetly taken by her (and her famous eyebrows, do not forget 'em!); the ones you'll see here are edited by me, but perhaps also Giulia or Annalaura will publish their versions too. Originally we just had this idea of our backs with our hair and the trees around, that's it. But enjoying the afternoon many more pictures came out and we enjoyed those too.
Everything happened pretty much playfully and so we kept it.
And, YES: "playful" is so much the right word! How we love it! I have been a very playful but lonely child, I had almost only one friend and despite my love for her, I never felt her on my very same brainwave. Giulia embodies the friend I always wanted when I was a very little child; but I have an enormous belief into the power of imagination and I have a strange perception of time: somehow, picturing me and Giulia as children playing together does make true those memories, in some dimension that's what's happening, an imaginary mini Eta is playing all the time with an imaginary mini Giulia. That's the strength I feel from the depth of our understanding and friendship. This makes me stronger and happier every day: those little Giulia and Eta playing together somewhere all the time remember to myself the importance of what I'm doing in my life. Even having now so many terribly wonderful friends and human deep connections which make me feel like I always knew someone "from a previous life", with her I have this very peculiar sensation: we met in that childhood (that you're allowed to picture like an anime).
It's like that I always waited for her.
And, wow, you know, she exists!
Lucky me!

I hope you too can enjoy the results of our little ritual. ♥

Thank you so much, Giulia and Annalaura, for playing with me that afternoon!

And thanks to the olive trees, of course.

PS. I'm working on a bunch of things. The illustration for Victor Lorandi's novel is almost done and I finally have found what I need to share my tale about my summer. I'm working for the English version of Felice, I ordered the sketchbooks I need to write and draw it all over again (here the Italian original version, soon I hope to make it as e-book) and to my website! And more, more, more!

PPS. If you vaguely liked these my photographs, I think I better make sure you know Rib.'s art. Her amazing photographs terribly influenced me (and this may be an insult for her, considering how much her work is great); it's incredibly obvious to me and I don't even try to deny it. She's a little Italian maid based in London and, for my fortune, she's also my friend, that little adorable stupid thingy.

PPPS. My hair already grown longer from this summer! Yuppie, haha! Or, at least, that's what Natalja said.

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