Saturday, 7 September 2013

Portraits around the Rainbow

During my academic exam sessions, I had to stay all the time behind a monitor, behind a desk. From those periods, I strongly remember the sensation of being deeply, existentially wrong. The sensation that the sanity and the truth were far and about running freely elsewhere. I remember I was used to listen often to Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes and it was a serious pain ignoring the call to jump in a caravan and meet the world out there.
Also my breaks (or rather endless procrastinations) were just through a monitor… and that's how once I stumbled in a project by the photographer Benoit Paillé.

What I saw in it never left my mind and it kept to grow.

The past summer was my first one after my studies, I had moved from Italy in The Netherlands and everything was about my new life here.
This summer has been my first one to finally run to that dream

When the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow.

Old Native American Profecy

…and discover it was real.

The portraits I made, in the end, are really a few. I wished to do more, each face was very inspiring, but I don't have regrets, after all, because I know that each here and now I enjoyed the best of each moment, including the joy of helping around. So my time to draw has been almost only around the fire and then almost no light at all on my paper; drawing was very challenging! The results are not so good, but I still feel like sharing them, at least as memories for everyone.

Thank you so much once again, you all beautiful people.

I won't never forget that absurd first night when those well known lyrics, around the fire, kept suddenly a new meaning…

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one

Rainbow Kids
The kid to the left asked me to draw as well. She is about nine, if I'm not mistaken. I repeated her many times that she's sincerely very talented and I wish she won't stop to draw. I like her drawing a lot and I would to share also hers.

me by her

(the one to the left is by another child)
another drawing by her
After this moment between the Rainbow Kids, I understood that the next time I will must bring with me a lot of papers and colours to make all together a drawing workshop.

Emilis, 16 years old, from Lithuania
Louisa, from UK
Lee, from Germany
Louis, from UK
(hey, Louis, if you find this page: I still want to read your poems!)
Dave, a voice and a guitar, from UK
Zayd The Storyteller
…really not similar enough!
from England
Mascha The Collective Dream
busker, from Germany
Ruadhán, the Irish busker
Dani, playing an acoustic bass guitar
from Denmark
Dani again 
her voice and her music worth her name
a Dutch sister living in UK

Coming back to The Netherlands from the Rainbow Gathering, which was in Wales, I stopped to hug my beloved Rib. in London, where I've been very lucky and, thanks to a friend from the Gathering, I found new beautiful people happy to give me a shelter (and what a shelter!) in a quiet and quaint neighbourhood (thanks, beasts!).

my beloved Rib.

My last morning in London, my sweet Rib. took many photographs in this wonderful house where we slept; as usual, whatever she does results beautiful – and I'm always honoured of being an ingredient of some of her art. I found myself touched "in advance" imaging that one day those her photographs will become the memory of a new-fresh-old myself just after my first Rainbow Gathering, happy and exhausted, towards the end of my youth. You can see them here, here, here and here.

An old lady in a tea room in Whitchurch, on the way to the Rainbow Gathering
A fast self portrait and a random sketch on my way there

Little self portrait of my-little-self with my backpack, which made say to any stranger
   «Hey, are you ok? Your backpack is too big!».
All the United Kingdom worried for me. Sorry everyone, ha!
(About the story of the trip going there, started hitchhiking,
I'll write a short tale of those adventures! Johnny demands it.)

"See you in five"



Anonymous said...

Domani ti spolpo.
Parli tu, io ascolto.

Eta said...

Povera Do, se mi dici così non avrai scampo, già faccio normalmente fatica a contenere il mio flusso verbale, poi dopo il Rainbow ancor di più, e se te mi dici così, eh, sarà la tua fine, sorella!
(Ma anche io voglio sapere di te e di quei giorni, non te la cavi facile, fanciullina mia!)

George said...

Complimenti, sono disegni senza tempo.

Eta said...

George, questo è veramente un gran complimento. Temo sia assolutamente esagerato, non mi fanno impazzire come disegni – però hanno sicuramente un valore intrinseco dovuto all'occasione, questo sì.
A ogni modo, grazie di cuore!