Monday, 2 September 2013

Greeting to the Sun ~ ali lilla

And so it's September, yesterday I came back in my delicious Utrecht twenty minutes after eight o'clock and the sky was already gonna be dark: the days become shorter and the summer is fading away.
Some hours before, in the morning, I was in London, and I felt that I somehow completed this my travelling season, started right in London, in May. In the middle, many experiences and the sensation I made an interesting path.
My last stop in London, anyway, have been the end of a very bigger adventure, in a forest along the river Wye in Wales, following the dream I dreamt for years: a Rainbow Gathering, finally.

Each chapter of this summer will have its role in my creative flow, as simple inspiration or often as real footage I made during the way, so I'll have to work on all these months for a lot of time and slowly, bit by bit, I'll share more and more – likely for the rest of my life, because the seeds of this summer will be among the kindest and then the strongest.

Meanwhile, I suppose there is an image which knows how to symbolise this season, this path, this way: thank you so much, Andre, for seeing this Greeting to the Sun.

me, Ring Road, Iceland
photograph by Andrea Riboni

~         I surrender         ~


Anonymous said...

Quanto sei bella e quant'è potente la tua energia.

Eta said...

Quell'energia è potente sì, ma, mia Do, non è certo mia, è tutt'attorno, io solo la sento. :)
Quanto al fatto che sono bella… sì, in effetti sono bella! (:^]

Anonymous said...

Sì, naso incluso.

La tua energia quella che si nutre dell'intorno. :)

Eta said...

In tal caso mi hai fregata.

McA said...

Fotografia spettacolare, potrebbe essere una copertina dei Tame Impala o una locandina dei Black Mountain.

Eta said...

Ottimo, pare un nuovo spunto psichedelico – non ho mai sentito i Black Mountain!

Eta said...

Mi correggo: i Black Mountain li ascoltai anni fa, grazie a te, ora che vedo quello squalo in copertina realizzo. Evidentemente, non li ho ascoltati abbastanza. Sto rimediando!
Merci anyway.