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Sunday, 29 September 2013

John and Jul, Gianvito e Giulia, Johnny and Julia. Whatever. Them, holy shit.

So, what's going on?
What's the news of the year?
I know you can't get it, I know you maybe don't know them*, I know you can't probably understand how much it means to me, to us, but the fact is: Gianvito and Giulia became a couple, folks!!!
The story is weird and it's common at the same time, somehow, 'cause otherwise we wouldn't have the dynamics of the star crossed lovers and all those people understanding they love each other just some months after a whole bachelor together (and a big new geographical distance in the middle–we are the generation of the distance love, aren't we?!), but still we can't stop to be surprised realising these two damned wonderful beasts are now… are now… really really a couple!
Now I would like to tell you the worst funniest things about them, but I will save my sleeping time (as usual I write in late night…) and I will save also my dignity as future virtual "uncle" (yes, guys, of course, now you made me dream you'll use my name for your very-future-plan, I will start even to proudly write this honour as sort of reference on my CV, what did you hope?).
So, ok, let's censor my nails on the keyboard.
I will tell only one cool point: they are the both grown in a theatrical surrounding and they know pretty well the holy importance of the games.

So what else could you wish about your models, as drawer, once they ask you a portrait together?

These are just the first three experiments (forgive the low quality, please, and perhaps also complain to blogspot, thanks); one day I hope to have more fun and more time to use better their very inspiring complicity (meanwhile, I hope their complicity will learn how to don't shake too much when they want my pencil to follow their bodies… yes, that's why these sketches have been difficult, and, yes, I'm still very very disappointed in my friends).

Ma dico, vi rendete conto?
Gianvito e Giulia!!!
Quanto cazzo mi piacciono, 'sti bastardi.

* In case you don't know them, you have a lack into your life trip: find a trick and try to meet them.
Yes, if you pay me I'll be glad to write a touristic guide about their world: suggest a new book series to Lonely Planet and made me rich, thanks.


occhio sulle espressioni said...

E tu?
Poi sarà complicità? Chi disegnerà? Sempre tu?

Eta said...

E io sono contenta da pazzi, perché è come se fosse nata una macchina fighissima, ma organica. :)

Complicità, sì, la è senza dubbio, delle più belle e sane.

Disegnerò ancora anche io, ma non solo; anche loro, per esempio, e tanto. :)

Jul said...

disappointed in US ??? hey hey hey you're not telling the whole story here! :p

but mhmh! we'll save that for another time.
and place. :p

Love you, my Eta.
Thank you for the amazing gift,
always ready for round 2. :)


Eta said...

So much. Disappointed so much, yes!

(What's would be the whole story, then? I'm the best drawer in the Earth and any mistake I made is never my fault, what else?)

Can't wait for next round, my beloved!

occhio sulle espressioni said...

Come nel finale del primo Tetsuo quando si uniscono i due protagonisti!!

Eta said...

Me ne vergogno, ma non so dirtelo, quel film è sulla mia lista ancora intonso…!

Anonymous said...


Eta said...