Sunday, 4 August 2013

Her Blue Oranges

– Don't you see?
We can talk with it.

(Pencils and pastels look so similar, but once I push one pastel point on my sheet after using a pencil, with my hand totally immersed in pencil dynamics, and I suddenly experience again such a difference perception of the line I'm leaving on the magic blank, I remember how each of our delicate differences can change so significantly the final reaction.)

///      Soundtrack I had when my duende culminated his whispering to my palms hardly still saving my too-thin-wrists of wadding: Okay, Let's Talk About Magic by Fuck Buttons.


Jul said...



(l'amore, che è infinito)

Eta said...

Grazie per tenerle aperte, quelle porte.
Da qui a per sempre: buon viaggio, viaggia bene, viaggia tanto, amica mia.