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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

«I feel that I'm swimming in a liquid rainbow!»

Once I thought that I was so happy that I could stop me.

Then I thought that if I was so happy, it worths to sharing happiness and enjoying it, staying alive around still inside the human society.

Sometimes, though what makes me happy, the human society corrodes my stability.

Because of this, I'm glad to have a little help from the music that describes a bit my inner sensation of harmony. One of my favourite place where I can be sure that I'm not lonely in the perception of happiness is the Planet Gong, or one of those other sounds created by Daevid Allen, Divided Allen, Zero, or whatever the galaxy can whisper you as name for calling this wizard. Do you know what I'm talking about? Listen, there is anybody here that who doesn't know the Gong trilogy? Don't be afraid, I'd like to meet you… really… Did you never trip on a Floating Anarchy, for exemple? Well, I did it many times, also together with some of the best creatures that I never met in my life. So you can figure out what a great honour was for me enjoying the last concert of the Cinema Soloriens tour, a wonderful super band in which that night Daevid Allen played, with of course Marshall Allen and James Harrar,  fathers of this project.

During the first part of the concert, I just flew on their music, but after a while my hand asked for my pen. I made very quick portraits that maybe don't tell so much about them; but I'm satisfied anyway, because my desire of freely enjoying the music was definitely harder, that night.

Marshall Allen; Daevid Allen
James Harrar; Daevid Allen

And although I made just these sketches, after the concert the band welcomed me to their table and we spent a good time together.

This happened two months ago, the 7th of April at dB'S, but each time I started this post I asked to myself how to tell how much I was joyful that night.

Well, that's an expression that could perhaps evoke that emotion. And it's from the classic Daevid's drawing that he made on my sketchbook…

Daevid Allen's doodle

After all, I wasn't able to show my joy that night itself neither. The only thing that I said – and that Daevid appreciated a lot, actually – was:

«I feel that I'm swimming in a liquid rainbow!»

Thanks again to Daevid Allen, Luc Pilmeyer and James Harrer for their smiles.

And to Miss Carol Scoponi – that had the great joy of enjoying an Allen's concert too, recently – for our presumable magic connection.


danielatollis said...

Ciao Eta,
spesso mi rilasso passeggiando tra i meandri della tua vita olandese, che meraviglia!!!!
Il contatto continuo con questa band di artisti è ultra proficuo, suono e immagini che dialogano insieme a formare bellissimi progetti.
Io continuo col mio inglese e con i miei schizzi.
Voglio partecipare al prossimo concorso di Tapirulan, do you know?

Baci a presto

Eta said...

Ciao Daniela, sei sempre così carina, grazie!
Conosco sì Tapirulan e il suo bellissimo concorso di illustrazione, fai benone a partecipare! Sarà un bello stimolo, senz'altro! :)

Sei sempre la benvenuta!
Un abbraccione