Friday 17 May 2013

"Nine Feathers"… and a project behind it

The copies of Cut the Line are almost sold out (so, if you want yours, order it soon on the Inner Ocean Records website, where it's in streaming too) and, spying the work of Cory Zaradur, preparing them one by one, I'm really looking forward to enjoy my copy, also because, strange enough, I actually didn't listen yet to this album: I decided to save my first time for the good one, with loud speakers, lying down on my couch with closed eyes and letting trip my mind.

So, from Cut the Line, currently I know only Animal Insect, of course, and… another one…

The story of this track, so meaningful for me and Heidi Harris, is pretty particular again.
Once she watched my old short movie Perché lavori ai ferri?, in which there is my voice all the time as a stream of consciousness, in Italian, and this, somehow, brought her a flash. She had already the music track, somewhere, keeping it untouched, so the inspiration was imagining it with my words and my voice. But, pay attention, please, the too great part is about how we mixed together our lines… She suggested to operate ignoring what was going on to other side. So I recorded my voice completely without any information about the track and Heidi, that doesn't understand Italian, worked on my files without the translation. I'd like to remark that she also edited the order of my phrases, she really dares, you can figure it out listening to the track. And when she sent me what she made with all, it was an incredible strong emotion for me, I was sure about our connection, but some details went out so perfectly precise! Above all, I'm astonished by the end, that could totally let guess that she was feeling the core of the words for real – at least, that's what I feel, conscious of what I have behind that text.

This humble "empathy experiment", as someone described it, makes even more colourful my hopes about Human Communication.

(Sketch made during a brainstorm for Animal Insect music video)

Our good synchronicity doesn't stop here, has to do, indeed, also with what I have behind that text.

When Heidi told me her idea, I already had it.

Felice – Lettere d'amore sull'armonia

I do like writing and reading too, but for sure, taking a look to the projects that I made, you are not gonna find anything like this. I work on purpose trying to be conscious of each possible medium, for picking up the best one each time, but the kind of project that I'm introducing now, for sure, is not so common among what I'm mostly "used" to do. Because of this, I actually consider quiet interesting that Heidi asked me for a text written and spoken by me just when I had started these pages, Felice.

I almost finished this carnet and when it will be filled my text will stop too. That's the weird method that I decided. Everything happened the 3rd of March, with the simple intention of a private (loooong) letter. But in a few lines I understood that it was becoming something to share with anybody, for real.
So the private letter immediately turned into the bigger idea of a book that I would to print and read anywhere, you could call it "street theater" or whatever, I would do it in any public space in open air, to let it meet especially strangers.

And, well, currently the anywhere would be limited to Italy, because of its language, obviously.
One day, maybe, I could also think about do it in English or another language.

So, this is now one of the main project that knocks my life and, since I'm telling it here, if anyone there, to the other side of the monitor, feels like launch me any idea, anything is welcome (yeah, I mean: maleta [at] alice [dot] it); in a while I'll start to looking for interesting collective situations for let it run.

And typing "collective situation" now I would feel like to tell the other big idea that is going on recently. But it is not time for it, yet.

Once again, this is not everything and I go to let grow the rest in that psychedelic corner behind the wall: the pillow.

A kiss to each skull


ribbon. said...

mi sono messa a pensare
se posso darti un contributo

bellissimo sto post <3
me lo porti il carnet quando vieni? lo voglio vedere, magari lo puoi finire qui :D

Eta said...

Te lo porto eccome, sarà un onore poterti coinvolgere, piccina mia. Grazie :)

occhio sulle espressioni said...

La tua amica contribuente ribbon. mi ha indirizzato qui e sono svenuto, mi ci vorrà qualche tempo per elaborare bene il tuo blog.
Intanto guardo il corto!

Eta said...

Benvenuto, occhio sulle espressioni!
Spero che tu sia svenuto su qualcosa di soffice, almeno!