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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Il Re Dei Boschi per Lapisvedese

The literary project Lapisvedese and the musical duo Il Re Dei Boschi are two things that I like a lot, so their combo sounds great; I have the pleasure of virtually joining them by an illustration for the flyer made by CMVSAMAC, one of the Lapisvedese authors.

The Lapisvedese graphic design has always this same very clear aesthetic in black and white, that for some reason I always observed with great satisfaction, which, of course, makes even bigger my pleasure.

Furthermore, a concert by Il Re Dei Boschi is something pretty unique!

My illustration still in colours
A couple of its sketches

This flyer has a very serious fault, by the way.
Working on it, of course I had an excuse to get lost in loop again listening to Il Re Dei Boschi. Listening to Il Re Dei Boschi, you'll be showered with an harmonica matching a triumph of bitter-sweet words that will echo your childhood.
Well, the result is that yesterday… I bought a toy-harmonica! How could I resist, seeing that cute piece of metal in a paper box in the corner of the shop?
Good luck to who'll meet me and my backpack!
(It's a very real viral danger, since I'm gonna travel a lot this summer! I'll be a viral danger, watch out.)

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