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Friday, 10 May 2013

Sonic Dynamite II

The 9th of March I went to a very cool event at dB's: the Sonic Dynamite II, "The second edition of Utrecht's funkiest edition", with on the stage the Brothers On The Edge and The Sun Prophets.

As usual, my carnet was with me and I finally share my sketches online!
… With, also, some memories from the musicians, included a very ending note…

Andrew Weeks and Iggy Fornerino from Brothers On The Edge
Benjamin Moy and Leo Pourier
Peter Wienke and Leo Pourier
An old lady particularly enjoying the night dancing
Clément Savourey from Brothers On The Edge
again Geraldine Marmelstein

The Sun Prophets
The Sun Prophets

I really have a nice memory of that night, I remember that brought very intense energies.

But it left me the desire of portray deeply better Iggy Fornerino, the guitarist of Brothers On The Edge – definitely.

(Iggy is currently also the great guy that sometimes I scare for accident opening the door of my bedroom, going in our kitchen. Iggy: you have to know that for all my life been the one scared for nothing by anybody and above all by housemates (just not my mother: I have a reason for being like this, after all…). So being now the one that scares someone else is a very strong emotion, to me.
Thank you.
Eta's Cardiogram)

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