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Sunday, 5 May 2013


I finally just finished my last shooting day for the music video for Animal Insect by Heidi Harris. I'd have one thousand of bunch of things to tell, about it and a lot more, wow, but right now I simply feel like to share one fresh memory from my post-huge-easy-deserved-dinner after all the efforts, with Rudi and Masha, and take my good big sleeping time (yep, still so black, no way to have more energies now, can camin can camin, spazzacamin…).

«Today is a dream day.
Filming all the day in a forest, coming home hungry and eating a lot!»
Masha  said.

I already know that one day I'll look to this picture with the sweeter tears of that particular healthy nostalgia.


(Va be', dai, almeno la ghigna mo me la lavo. Sogni d'oro a tutti i fusi orari).

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