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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Visual report of the CD-release show by Tenement Kids at Ekko

Saturday 6th October I went at EKKO, a very cool place in the center of Utrecht, for my first reportage with 3voor12: I made photographs and (as I'm used to do) sketched portraits of the event for the article written by Erwin van der Laan, Tenement Kids: kinderlijk eenvoudig overtuigend in EKKO.

On my blog you can see also some extra pictures of my whole night, but for the complete official set go to 3voor12.

The bands on stage were Deacon with their farewell show, Paceshifters and, obviously, Tenement Kids with their new album. The drummer of Deacon is the same of Tenement Kids, this created an interesting connection in the atmosphere of the gig.




Paceshifters (left) and Tenement Kids (right)

Tenement Kids

Tenement Kids

Tenement Kids

Sketching and drinking after the concert…

Public at Ekko

I'm looking forward my next visual reportage. I'm very glad to collaborate with 3voor12/Utrecht, it's a creative way to discover better the art of this lovely town.

Tot ziens!

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