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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The girl with the camera and the girl with the carnet – again and again

photograph by Rib
After a long great day in Amsterdam, on the train finally came my moment to take some sketch of my lovely Rib; it's a kind of tradition for us (since our first meeting, two years ago).
In comparison with others portraits that I made of her, here she's not so recognizable, but I don't dislike my final entanglement of lines.

Her little body with a plait in a studded jacket was a strange gorgeous combination, like an old elegant woman dressed like a punk. Elegance inside, that's the thing. And a lot of silliness as well, but you can not catch it from the pictures!  (But maybe you can try to figure out two stupid girls dancing and screaming THIS SONG between the lights of Amsterdam… In loop all the day, folks, all the fuckin' day! SHAKE IT ALL THE TIME!)


ribbon. said...

LOL ma io ti amo
e cmq il terzo schizzo è troppo somigliante invece


ribbon. said...

Girl with one eye, what does she see?
Girl with one eye, she's looking at me...

Eta said...

Oh P my P!
Sì, il terzo c'è, sì.

Facciamo la reinterpratazione degli It's A Beautiful Day? :D
Girl With One Eye, sei te, yes, and she's looking at me…

ribbon. said...

si reinterpretiamo con style