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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Cremonapalloza Rock Fest 2012! (Aka: My Date with Immorality)

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very honoured to publish the new poster for the 8th Cremonapalloza Rock Fest, the last event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Cremonapalloza!

If you want to check out the bands, voilà: Smokey Fingers and Eddy'S.

When I tell about it also out of Italy, the reaction is always positively surprised because, in way or another, Cremonapalloza teachs that a little place as my hometown is boring just if you set your brain on "boredom" and don't try to create. Insted, they do and they rock. Since 2002!

This is the 4th edition with a poster made by him and me. He thinks the concept and then he creates his graphic design on my illustration.
His request was again a triumph of fun for me, 'cause he wanted a southern-rock pin-up with those classic accessories, very p    o, he said! (I'm not gonna write that obvious word or my mail box will become a spam-party…, but it's right that obvious word!)
Anyway… maybe… after some sketches and my own final version… the result was even toooo much extreme… So the official version is pretty different. But for who has not good sense like me, there's still the option to spy the old steps here on my blog.

Nel 1989 si sono scordati di distribuire la cognizione.

McA (svariati anni fa, quando eravamo già cugini)


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Grassetto e caps lock! Cosa posso volere di più? :D

Grazie a te! Grazie a voi!

(Sono anni che aspettavo di impadronirmi della tua frase che ho citato. :P )