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Monday, 8 October 2012

Caio and Kelly

This summer I did two portraits for a couple of dear and beautiful friends, Caio and Kelly.

In the first drawing I fear that I lost the amazing shine of that sunny afternoon in the park, I definetely prefer the second illustration made in the bedroom (drinking great red wine and listening to good music).

But my hungry hand is still unsatisfied 'cause I not really shown their colors, what a interesting match of faces and nuances! Who knows, maybe one day, somewhere else again, we will have another occasion…


Gripa said...

Caldo, sporco e morbido.
...che bel tratto!

Saluti. Gripa.

Eta said...

Merci beacoup! :)

Anonymous said...

oddio...che fortuna..che bello..riesci ad entrare nell'intimità di tutti, tu.

Anonymous said...

Eta, you exceptionally fabulous woman! Thank you very much, it came out more than perfect. I am glad to hear of your hungry hands, you bring your sketchbook and I bring the wine?

Eta said...

@ Sonica
Mentre ero lì, baby, non ho potuto non pensare al ritratto che feci a voi. A proposito, mi piacerebbe rimettere mano a quel pacco di perline e vedere se tiro fuori altro. Tu ci hai più lavorato, scimmietta? :)

@ Kelly
Oh darling, absolutely yes! But I guess that we've to wait for a date… or maybe do you want try to do it somewhere half way in the Ocean? :D I prefer to avoid a result that looks like that famous subject by Géricault, you know… ;D
I'm looking forward the next time in another peaceful and fascinating atmosphere.

A big hug

Anonymous said...

no, purtroppo ci penso spesso..tu puoi farne quel che vuoi..e io devo decidermi a continuare quel progetto, in tutti i sensi..ti dirò in privato

Eta said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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