Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Grand Tour by Victor Lorandi

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's my great pleasure to bring to you The Grand Tour, the first publishing from The Red Universe, by Victor Lorandi! Here's the ebook on Smashwords.

There's some actual risk of coming to you with physical copies, so, folks, keep a sharp eye on it, if you're appealed!
And, if you like it, pass this on!

Working at its cover has been a serious challenge and, I must admit, I'm very happy with this result.

This fall, back in Utrecht after a summer spent busking and backpacking in Italy for my project Felice, my colours and my lines went through an overwhelming revolution. I've been shocked by the physically largely different "phenomenons" happening around my hands. I had to follow them first and see what was happening. Only lately I'm learning how to balance the novelty with my previous style: when to use what, in terms of tools, styles, and method.
I consider this illustration an interesting finish line of this process.
Furthermore, it made me relate to the vast and historical sci-fi graphic tradition, which is quite far from my ways, either in subjects and styles. I'm looking forward to challenge my sign even more, really "drawing anything" but keeping my touch.

Victor has been über cool during all this process, as I could expect from our first very passionate conversation drinking some pubs and talking for hours about the creative process. He uses a (key) word that effectively helped me a lot in this so fascinating and so complicated understanding of our dynamics.
But I'm not telling this word.
I wish you'll check out by yourselves how he knows how to use words, indeed. 
(Words, and much more. I'd love to tell what I felt reading The Grand Tour, but, well, at least I put my best in telling it visually.)

Enjoy your ride into the Red.

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